Beautiful peace and a pounding head

We are nestled in the big green beautiful trees of illinois tonight. Down by the river and across from the playground. No neighbors and just the peaceful chaos of my little brood.

I love the freedom of being on the road. I love the deeper connection it has brought into our family. I love living out our dream. Not to say its been all easy and perfect... But the joy outweighs the stress.

I am so glad I shared my ideas about turning off comments. And so thankful you shared back. You reminded me what really matters. I may occasionally turn comments off on specific posts...but most leave comments on.

I read all you comments and try too respond as much as I can. Which leads me to ask you..... If you leave me a comment and I reply...are you receiving my reply? If not you can change your disqus setting too receive replies via email. And those who can't comment with disqus, I would love to hear from you via twitter too.

The girls and ozzie are big into pretend playing... House, restaurant, shopping, farming, road trips and now photo shoots. Its way too cute to hear them pretending to be a photographer and talking about going to photo shoots. Love this age!

I will be doing photo shoots in Iowa this week. I could fit in a couple more if anyone is interested. Contact me at 4littlemenandgirlytwins @ gmail . Com

Unfortunately my head is pounding... Maybe from lack of sleep, something I ate or both. Its usually one of those. Thankfully this is only my second headache of the trip. And I'll be even more thankful if its gone tomorrow. Its always harder to be the best mama I can be with a headache.

Goodnight friends!

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