{photography} road trip

As many of you know, our family of 8 is living on the road {for a bit}
...traveling the country
one trip at a time...
living. laughing. loving and learning.

while this trip is not merely a photography tour
...we are so excited to be able to include this as part of our trip.

I will be offering photography sessions in the following cities...

Chattanooga, Tennessee
Knoxville, Tennessee
Nashville, Tennessee

Indianapolis, Indiana

Traverse City, Michigan

Columbus, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio

Lexington, Kentucky

Dubuque, Iowa
Des Monies, Iowa

Rock Island, Illinois

Cambridge, Minnesota
Breezy Point, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Bismarck, North Dakota
Fargo North Dakota
Minot, North Dakota
Williston, North Dakota
Grand Forks, North Dakota

if you are interested hurry up and email me at
4littlemenandgirlytwins {at} gmail {dot} com
{please include which city you are interested in and any blog or facebook link.}

Thanks for sharing in this journey with our family!

{p.s. if you are interested in just meeting up in any of these cities I would love to hear from you too!}


  1. I live in Chattanooga TN (about 10 minutes from downtown)!!! Just moved here a month ago and LOVE it! You will too- really neat downtown and lots to do! Enjoy your trip!

  2. OHHHHH Traverse City.....2 hours from me.....I am in Grand rapids!! LOVE LOVE LOVE TC!!

  3. Brandi Elam7/15/11, 9:21 PM

    I am 2 hours from Knoxville... LOVE it... the downtown area is amazing!


  4. I emailed you a while back and never got a response. Thought maybe I should try this way :)

  5. another Grand Rapids reader here! if you stop over this way it would be fun to meet up!

  6. Kimberly Wyatt7/15/11, 11:45 PM

    I emailed you and now that you're on the road I'll be sending you another email soon! It will be from a different email account, though, since my old college one is no longer active as of the first of this month. Be on the lookout for it!

  7. I don't think your the only one who didn't get a reply.   My girl friend emailed her a long time ago and never heard.....   makes one wonder if she is really out there traveling and perhaps she doesn't need the business after all.   I am not really sure why I even read her posts any longer...she starts something...and never finishes the story....  guess she's to busy or just wants to keep us hanging on....not trying to be mean or say un kind things however it gets a little old....  (grin)

  8. brittanyclaire7/16/11, 8:41 AM

    Tonya...i am so sorry. I just went through and could not find your email. I had email trouble around the time of my first photography trip post and thought all my email had been recovered but I don't think it was. Please email me again so we can talk.


  9. brittanyclaire7/16/11, 8:45 AM

    I know I am horribly bad at writing something not finishing it until much later. I never intend to keep people hanging...just a really busy mom with lots of good intentions.

    If your friend hasn't heard from me...please do tell her to email again. I had unfortunately had email trouble a while ago and wasn't able to recover all my email.

    Oh and I am glad you are still hear reading. :)


  10. O my goodness I wish you were coming further east.. I would love to meet up and gain photography knowledge from you.

  11. carlsbadryan7/16/11, 3:21 PM

    when are you coming to California?:)

  12. carlsbadryan7/16/11, 3:24 PM

    oh and seriously I am horrible at replying to people and I don't get half as many emails and comments!!!!...life is busy! :) ~Bridget

  13. brittanyclaire7/16/11, 3:26 PM

    This winter :)


  14. brittanyclaire7/16/11, 3:28 PM

    Busy lives we lead...indeed! One day we will be able to keep up with our house and email and lots of other things because our kids will be gone and we will be bored. Ha!


  15. What a small world...I live in Indianapolis, but my family has lived near Traverse City for generations...and I spent the first 19 years of my life there. You will have a wonderful time taking photos there. It's so beautiful!

  16. We live in Cambridge MN - our family of 7 :)    Would LOVE to meet with you and do photos!!!!

  17. Kelly Branigan7/18/11, 9:55 AM

    I live an hour from Traverse City. Don't need any pictures taken but when are you coming this way and maybe we can meet at a park for your six and my one to play. ( :

  18. oh man, i wish you were coming to the carolinas because we would be meeting up in a heatbeat!!

  19. Murdock's Mama7/26/11, 7:29 PM

    Do you know about when you'll be in Des Moines, IA?  I would LOVE to have you take my maternity photos but not sure if the timing will work out.  


  20. I would be SO interested! It's been a long time since I've been on your blog but I used to frequent it daily (Blogger is blocked at work now and I used to visit over my lunch hour). I don't know when you're stopping through Indy and Rock Island, but please be in touch. :) aubreycarpenterphotography(at)hotmail(dot)com, also on Facebook (Aubrey Carpenter Photography)
    Thanks! :)

  21. Angel_11_bear10/27/11, 7:02 PM

    When are you coming to Wisconsin?


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