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As I sit down to write this tonight, from our little bedroom in our new {to us} rv. I can't help but grin. I am so excited to begin this journey with my family and thrilled to be able to share it with you along the way. We are thrilled that you are sharing our excitment and appreciate every single word of encouragement and kindness.

The intention of my last post was to share with you this wonderful journey our family is embarking on and reach out to any of you that might be interested in a photography session along the way. Seemed simple enough, but even simple things can become confusing sometimes.

So now it's time to straighten out this confusion and satisfy your curiosity. {grin}

Q: Does your husband have a job? Is he going to work while you're on the road?

A: My incredibly hard-working husband most defiantly does have a job. In fact he has 3 very real, very important jobs. These are key roles in providing for our family and extended family. Myself and the kids are very fortune that his hard work has enabled us to take this trip and that there is a break in the farm work so we can enjoy this adventure as a family.

Q: How can you afford this with your recent money trouble.

A: I personally do not consider nearly 2 years ago recent. It is quite simple though, we have been working hard and rebuilding our life... financially and emotionally.

The money that you generously gave to our family in the fall of 2009 allowed us to travel home, turn on our utilities, and provided part of our expenses in traveling back to the farm with our belongings. We are still, to this day, very grateful for what you did for our family.

Q: Why are you trying to copy another blogger who is doing this.

A: If you have been here for a while you might remember reading quite some time ago {before this blogger ever talked about any RV traveling idea} I wrote about the dream of traveling around the country in an RV or vintage bus with my family, I also shared that I would love to use my God given talents to provide for my family. Very simply not copying, just living out our dreams in God's perfect timing. Photographers that travel is not a new idea... many photographers offer photo sessions in area's other than their home town. We are simply combining 2 dreams into an awesome one!

Q: How can you afford the fuel?

A: I am so excited to share this with you... our awesome diesel semi will be running on veggie oil. That's right... used fry oil. Not only are we reusing something that is usually considered waste, and benefiting the businesses we retrieve it from, it's also free! The ability to significantly lower our fuel expenses has a big part in enabling us to take these trips. We'll be sharing a lot more about this very soon!

Q: Are you already on your trip?

A: Although we are on a trip right now, this is not our big trip. We took the rv on a test run to family camp this week. We will not be leaving for our big trip until mid-July.

Q: Are you leaving the farm and doing this full time?

A: We love the farm life way too much to leave it behind. Country living is wonderful for raising a family and being blessed with the occupational and school flexibility to travel the United States is no less than amazing. The experiences these trips will offer our family have value far beyond money.

I am so happy to have recieved your encourgement and to know of those that are interested in a photo session or just meeting. I am looking forward to putting this trip together and having the opportunity to share my photography with you. Continuing to build friendships with so many wonderful people from all over the country is such an amazing blessing.

if you are interested in a photo session please contact me at 4littlemenandgirlytwins @ gmail {dot} com


  1. Canadian Cathy6/11/11, 1:49 AM

    Wow! Well said in a positive but firm no-nonsense manner.
    Are you a mom or something???? LOL
    Happy Trails . . .

  2. HI brittany!  you are sweet to  answer all of people's intruding questions. I Do wish you a wonderful summer on the road.  blessings, Léa

  3. I wish you would come to Florida!

  4. Shelly Thomson-Blevins6/11/11, 7:58 AM

    I am so jealous....but am also soooo happy for you and your family.

    You are a truly blessed woman!

  5. Steffiej_19796/11/11, 8:15 AM

    Just to be clear are you saying that you did not get the specific idea to travel in an RV with your family while offering photo sessions in different states and promoting them on your blog from another blogger?

    Is it also just happenstance that your new tag for your trip is "nomading" while hers is MckNomading?

    What about your "view from here" posts that the same blogger has done for years or the "late night talking" where you ramble on in a cute and unplanned way which seem to have appeared after the blogger began posts she calls "just some sentences" where she does the same thing? Or your "you know you live in the country when" posts just like hers?

    I could go on. But mostly I'm hoping you'll answer. Do you really want to claim you haven't taken many ideas from this blogger? Do you think we believe that?

    It might make you look more credible if you just admitted you copy ideas from a big blogger you admire. You know it's okay to admit that, right?

    Just my take on things.

  6. Brockjojosh6/11/11, 8:24 AM

    Just chill out. Find something better to do with your time. It doesn't really matter, they are doing something they are going to enjoy doing, it doesn't matter who had the idea first. JUST CHILL OUT!!!!! 

  7. Steffij_19796/11/11, 8:44 AM

    It doesn't matter, that was my point. She can just feel free to admit it since it's obvious. Pretending it is all a simple coincidence is just rather hard to swallow. I don't care if her family copies MckMama's. But I really am curious if she is going to continue to claim they aren't. Since they clearly are, in my opinion.

  8. brittanyclaire6/11/11, 8:51 AM

    wow, really. First of all... inspiration is shared isn't it. I have seem many posts from others bloggers that look just like or very similar to a post that I've done. You might even be able to turn this accusation around the other way.  Does that mean I think people are coping me? Maybe sometimes they do copy, maybe they were inspired or maybe they just had a similar thought. Like minded people sometimes share similar ideas and dreams.My tag isn't isn't "nomading" it's "nomad photographer" I'm actually not thrilled with the tag but I like it better than "traveling photographer". If anyone has a great "name" for that I'd love to hear it.As for the "view from here" i honestly can not remember posts with that title. Hmmm. "late night talking" is just that... my late night talking. That was not an original idea I copied from anywhere. "you know you live in the country when"... i do not even recall ever reading an post like that from Jen. I do read her blog occasionally and believe it or not we met each other a long time ago before her blog became so big. We've talked, emailed and even met in person. So don't you think if it would be foolish to specifically copy someone you personally know... and not think they might notice and be offended.Dreams can be shared. People can inspire. Ideas can be passed on. It's the motivation behind all of that that really matters... and emulating Jen is not my motivation. And as a matter of fact I know Jen reads my blog... so what do you think and I stealing all your thunder? {grin}

  9. OMG I laughed at the above comment.  It reminded me of my 8 year old saying, "Mom she copied me" when a friend in class got the same sandals. Thanks for the laugh. 

  10. i'm with lea jones: you are too sweet to answer the "mean" questions, the intruding questions, etc. 
    i'm so happy for you & your family to have this opportunity!!

  11. Good luck to you and your family this summer! Sounds like a wonderful need to EVER justify why you choose to do the things you do! Thanks for sharing your blessed life with all of us! You are doing a terrific job, happy RV'ing!

  12. I have commented a few times and have followed your blog for a few years.  I'm sorry so many people feel that it is their business what you are doing. I may not agree with everything you do but I am sure you wouldn't agree with everything I do!!  That is life!  I think it sounds like a fun idea and to be completely honest I am a little jealous that my family can't do something similar.  I hope you have a wonderful time!

  13. You know Stef- why do you care honestly? I havent read MckMamas blog much, just off and on and Ive read Brittanys blog off and on the past few years too. Is anyone really original? It isnt a competition. I'm sure Jennifer over at My Charming Kids would agree as well. 

  14. Not sure why anyone has the right to ask those questions, just because they read your blog.  I reading about the unfolding adventures, written in your own time, would be more fun. May your travels be truly wonderful, educational and enlightening adventures. Safe travels.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  15. my hubby runs a car on veg oil.  he's always checking out the dumpster areas of local restaurants for oil.  i think it's a fantastic idea!  did your hubby convert the semi?  do you think you'll head to the pacific nw?  it's beautiful in oregon in the summer.  best of luck!!

  16. To classify a question posed to a popular blogger and "intrusion" is strange to me.

  17. "an intrusion" not "and intrusion", sorry. Most questions were perfectly polite.

  18. " I'm sorry so many people feel that it is their business what you are doing."But that's the point of a popular blog, isn't it? If "so many people" didn't care what she was doing... she wouldn't have any readers, and thus, she wouldn't have a popular blog that allows her to get sponsors, and products to advertise, etc.I don't think anyone should be harassed. But if one chooses to put one's entire life out on the internet, including very personal and painful things, I think there is an expectation that readers can get personal and ask things as well.

  19. I think it's really cool that you are running on veggie oil. It's nice that a waste product can be used, and gas/diesel can be avoided.

    I do, however, find it a bit surprising that you were surprised that you got questions. It's a huge change in your life, and you're doing something not many people have ever done, or will ever do. I think it only natural that people would want to know the logistics. Thanks for answering some of the questions we had. I personally didn't mean anything "mean" or "intrusive" by it. Again, it's a 180 from where you currently are and it's a pretty unique and interesting thing to do, questions regarding it seem like a given to me.

    Good luck on the trial run! And I'm looking forward to your posts on using veggie oil.

  20. This is just not sitting right with a lot of people. Christian people included. The fall 2009 isn't "two years ago".  I know of so many families that have been struggling way before the fall of 2009. Before the year 2009 and they are NO WAY able to provide ORGANIC foods, name brand clothing or shoes, necklaces, etc. nonetheless go RVing with their families around the United States.  No one cares if you were given them for free of makes others feel bad that they can't afford all the nice things you show.  Could it be because they were not GIVEN money by blog readers?  I am so sorry you are not looking at this realistically.  From outside in.  With what people are going through every single day right now?  When you've blogged about your troubles and then show your blog readers such nice, food, etc.  My family is very fortunate and NEVER IN A MILLION years would I blog/Facebook/Twitter, etc (and in a sense brag) about such things.  We are very sensitive that others can not afford what we can.  Makes me so sad to see you heading in this direction.

  21. It is really sad to take a beautiful happening and try to find a reason to complain or rain on someone's day. I pray that you find happiness and the ability to see something for what it is and not what you think it is.

  22. Please do not feel the need to defend yourself. Happy travels to you and your beautiful family. If you come out to Reno Nevada I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a photo mini session and LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet you. I am delighted that you and your husband have the courage and sense of mind to provide such an AMAZING opportunity to your family, and shame on the naysayers. 

  23. Justaguest2996/11/11, 8:25 PM

    Bloggers like this just want to put the good out there, and act like people shouldn't question anything, but yet when it is bad never gives a second thought to begging people for money.  Spin it how you wish but 2 yrs ago isn't that long ago, and the stories back then were desperate, so I guess things must have REALLY changed in 2 yrs to now be able to buy an RV and take a cross country trip.  I always find it funny how they get offended when people question them, but yet put it out there for everyone to read.  Also, she has no problem offending people when they don't follow "her beliefs" when they can't breastfeed, or they vaccinate, don't homeschool, whatever she protrays it as 'HER WAY IS THE BEST AND ONLY WAY" mentality.

  24. Your very kind to answer some of these rude and mean spirited questions.  If it were me I'd ignore and delete them.  They can bring you down when you are doing nothing more than giving your family a great learning adventure.  They remind me of temptations from you know who.  They want to attack something that is good.  If you're in Central California, please let me know.  We need a new family picture - we have grown.  God be with you along your way.

  25. thegrasshopper6/11/11, 11:14 PM

    You are very kind to respond to these mean-spirited questions.  If it were me I'd ignore and delete them.  You are providing your family with a once in a lifetime learning adventure.  What a blessing!  These negative comments remind me of temptations from you know who.  They want to create doubt and destroy something that is good.  God be with you and your family on this great opportunity.  If you're in Central California let me know.  Our family has grown and we need a new picture to celebrate.

  26. I'm pretty sure the things she was given were for the purpose of blogging about them and essentially advertising them. Not to hoard them and keep them out of sight.

  27. Of course, MckMama is the original blogger that ever put together some random thoughts, gave it a random title, and every other blogger on this planet is copying her.
    You know what one person said to me once? She said that I chose to homebirth because many people are doing it, and it's "in style."
    Ahem. Well, I might see the merit of that statement if it was in regard to babywearing, eating organic, or even giving cloth diapering a chance. Someone popular does it, brings positive attention to it, and people want to try because it seems cool and fun. But home birthing? That's something that is a very major decision that will affect a lot. NO ONE homebirths because a friend did it.
    Same with this, in my opinion. Traveling in an RV around the country is just so major that no one would do it just to copy someone.

  28. yikes britt, you need to just take these post off or delete the crap below. ridiculous.

  29. I want some pictures of this RV! I always did this as a child and would love to see your set up.

  30. Iowa, Welcomes you!!!! What a great adventure and educational experience for your family. This country has so much history to offer. There is nothing like spend time on the road traveling in a RV with your family. Forget what others think. You only need to answer to yourself and GOD!!!! May God be with you on your travels.

  31. I've been reading your blog for a few months, but never commented because I thought my comments would get lost in the crowd, but I can't not comment on this.
    My heart just hurts for you and all the horrible comments you've gotten.  I really can't believe what some people are saying.  

    Take it from me.  I have had majorly hard financial times, followed by more prosperous times shorter after.  And back and forth and back and forth.  I remember once, my mom bought us groceries because we couldn't afford it, and a couple months later we went to visit a friend in Italy for a week and a half.  I remember feeling so guilty about those groceries.  But, they were given to us.  We saved up and we had a friend who lived in Italy who allowed us to do the whole trip for way less than most people spend on a few days in Florida.  

    I also, grew up the oldest of 5 girls.  We were POOR and we traveled all over the US in a RV, van, whatever we could find...we lived in barns, hotels, trailers etc.  My dad built dome houses and my mom homeschooled us.  I can honestly say that those years have enriched my life so much that I could never ever begin to even describe it to you.  It was so fun!  We learned about every area we visited.  I know so many detailed stories about so many random little histories in the US.  We lived in a semi truck once and it was not glamorous at all!  But it was so wonderful to be together and so wonderful to love to learn and see the US.  I think it's going to be the best thing ever for you and your family.  

    Also, I'm a photographer and I have such a hard time looking at other photographers work, because then I feel like I have no creative, original ideas.  I feel like I have discovered a new pose or idea for photos, only to discover it's been done over and over.  Creative people think alike:-)

    I love the way you describe the love you have for your children.  I love the way you passionately take care of them the best way you can.  I adore your pictures.  And I'm so excited to read your blog about your adventures.  

    I have had a grand total of 2 nasty comments on my blog and those comments hurt me so badly.  I think I cried for two days for each of them.  I can't imagine how much all these comments hurt you, but I hope that you'll try to let them roll off your back.  And I hope all these people who are so angry at you (?!?!) will stop reading your blog and being so hateful.  

    Oh, and one more thing.  For some reason, I am so encouraged by your boldness to say you prefer epidurals for your births.  I'm a baby wearing, breastfeeding, co sleeping mama and I've had one epidural and one natural birth (both boys were sunny side up) and although the natural birth feels empowering now, I was in so much freaking horrible pain that I couldn't bond with my baby!  The epidural (which I got for my first son) made me able to be present and enjoy my baby.  Just encouraging to have a mom like you go against the grain:-)  

    Good luck with all the adventures!  

  32. I missed your last post. Congrats on the awesome trip and chance to use the veggie oil. My husband and I have had fun talking about doing something like that. I don't know if it will ever be a reality, but I look forward to following along.

    In regards to the copying question, I'll come out and say I copied you. When I saw your gorgeous Gypsy Mama wrap I had never babyworn (can you say that) with my three older children. A friend and I were talking about it and she helped me get started and I knew I wanted a Gypsy Mama. Thanks for the inspiration. A year into it and we still love it.  I might have to buy an Ergo though. ;) She's getting kind of wiggley in the wrap.

  33. we are in the process of figuring out how to turn our diesel bus into a vegetable oil bus... so we can afford to be able to head out west to visit family... my husband said "we REALLY need to talk to them!!" :)

  34. So exciting!!!  It's wonderful to be able to "live" your dreams :)

  35. I'm glad you came and explained all that...veggie oil wow!!!

    This is a funny thing to be excited about but I'm just so thrilled Eliza and Nolia have their OWN separate photos now instead of always being "the twins." It always bugged me to see them in the sidebar as one entity instead of individuals. So glad you did that!! Gorgeous new photos too!!

  36. brittanyclaire6/13/11, 9:51 AM

    Thank you so much for sharing your story Helen. Loved reading what you had to say... so much truth. Sometimes the path less traveled, the path that is harder to walk, is the one that blesses your life the most.

  37. brittanyclaire6/13/11, 9:52 AM

    Thank you Jane! We would love to come out to Nevada... 

  38. brittanyclaire6/13/11, 9:53 AM

    Thank you Lea!

  39. brittanyclaire6/13/11, 9:57 AM

    he is always trying to get us down.... 

    we are planning to come out to California on our next trip! I can't wait... I've only been there once as a child.

  40. brittanyclaire6/13/11, 9:58 AM

    we will, we will! Trying to plan out the best timing for each trip! :)

  41. brittanyclaire6/13/11, 9:58 AM

    Thank you Shelly!

  42. brittanyclaire6/13/11, 9:59 AM

    hee-hee! I know... it was time! They're are just usually always on top of each other... it's hard to get a picture of them alone sometimes. :)

  43. brittanyclaire6/13/11, 10:00 AM

    that is awesome Sarah!!! We do need to talk... I was just thinking about your next trip to town... I need to find that email. :)

  44. brittanyclaire6/13/11, 10:01 AM

    Thanks Bethany! I don't think that's copying... it's inspiring!!! Glad you are loving babywearing... the girls are so big now... I really miss it!

  45. brittanyclaire6/13/11, 10:01 AM

    Thank you! I agree... nothing like it!

  46. brittanyclaire6/13/11, 10:02 AM

    coming... :)

  47. brittanyclaire6/13/11, 10:03 AM

    I wasn't surprised by that people asked questions. I was surprised that some think we don't have real jobs, don't provide for our family, don't pay our bills or act as responsible parents... because that is obviously not true.

  48. brittanyclaire6/13/11, 10:04 AM

    awesome! it is a fantastic idea... I am thrilled to be doing it.

    We'll be in the pacific nw sometimes... just not sure when yet.

  49. It sounds like a wonderful trip! I envy you for the chance. Post lots of pictures and stories so we can all live vicariously through you. :)

  50. brittanyclaire6/13/11, 10:05 AM

    Thank you!

    Was Brentwood hit by the tornadoes? 

  51. brittanyclaire6/13/11, 10:05 AM

    Thank you Chrissy!

  52. We have been in the path of the tornadoes many, many times.  Fortunately, we have been lucky and not been hit, other than a little wind damage on our roof. We have a full basement, so when the sirens go off, I grab my emergency tote & we head for the basement and do a lot of praying! Thanks for asking. 

  53.  Brittany- I have been reading your blog since you were pregnant with the girls and we were on TMMB together. I think that  what you are doing is such an awesome adventure! I also love that you answered questions that were really no ones business - long time readers know how hard is was to give up a life you loved to move to the farm because it was going to be better for you guys all the way around - and look IT WORKED!!! So happy for you guys and wish you safe travels! Let us know when you will make it to the Capitol of Florida ;)

  54. i think we'll be headed to town June 22nd... :) {but we can always plan another day too - as long as I know in advance to schedule around social workers & therapists} 

  55. Who are we to judge?  More power to you and your family.  I think most are just jealous.
    I do have a a comment/question.  Awhile back you started to blog about your kept us waiting for part 2 that came and went...and you left me/us (i am sure I am not along) hanging waiting to see the rest of the story.   Did I miss something or did you decide not to finish?   I have been reading your blog long enough to know that from time to time you will tell us something...leave us hanging a long time and never come back to the post.... example....the veggie oil....??why bring it up if your not going to tell us the whole situation?  Just a question....  You have a beautiful family and so blessed to be able to raise the kids on a farm.  Now if I have missed something please feel free to slap me!!! 

  56. I love that you are RVing. I told my husband before we got married that when our oldest kids (not born) were around 5th grade level that we are RVing across the US for the entire summer. He works with computers and I told him that the job he has at the time has to be ok with working remotely and I work in the school system (although we talk about homeschooling and hopefully I won't be working by then). Anyway my first born twin girls are 4 months so I guess we will be copying many families including yours and other people will think we are probably "old fashion" in 10 years since it won't be popular by then (who knows-- it always seems to be ideas that I have had for years, get popular before I do them and then are on the way out when I have a chance :) Or it could just mean that my generation longs, desires, etc.  for similar things ; )

  57. I totally missed this news! Well, you know where I live. I do hope to see you!


  58. Uh oh! My husband and I are planning to take a trip around Australia in a campervan and I wanted to take pics and put it on my blog....
    ....I better check the internet and see if anyone has ever done that before.  Wouldn't want to be accused copying!

    Some people have nothing better to do than whinge and pick. 

    Can't wait to read all about your trip!  What an amazing adventure! xx

  59. brittanyclaire6/17/11, 8:54 AM

    Ha! Hope you get to take your trip!


  60. Would love to have a mini (tiny :)) photo session if you ever in Raleigh, NC area.Hubby /boys like fishing????we have a boat:)  I make custome shirts for kids and wanted to make some for your 3 youngest kiddos also. How much fun is this going to be!!!!! WE are heading to upstate NY in a couple of weeks(in 18 days actually....yes we r counting:))  Can't wait to see all your adventures!!!!!!!!!


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