I dream of

...showing my children the true meaning of happiness
...slipping away to soak up the night sky and savoring it's majestic feeling
...watching my children live their lives for God
...traveling around the country with my family
...learning and loving with my children every day
...showing others how much they truly mean to me
...farming fields of echinacea and hemp
...embracing this body that God used to carry 6 amazing babies
..cherishing every fleeting moment with my children
...sunshine streaming through a home filled with windows
...hearing God's will for our family size

...laughing with my family until we can't laugh any longer
...watching our family build a home with our own hands
...using my God given talents to provide for our family
... encouraging my children to follow their passions
...a life filled with less worldly things
...a home filled with less material things
...a joyful heart even in the hard times
...daughter-in-laws & son-in-laws & grandchildren filling our home
...finding peace in the chaos
...living every moment of my life for God
...finding beauty in everything that is ordinary
...giving to others
...loving unconditionally

how about you...
what do you dream of?


  1. sixcrazychildren6/5/11, 4:40 AM

    pretty much the same as yours.... minus & plus a few..... but basically the same xx

  2. beautiful list...

    I wrote my own post...thanks for inspiration (I didn't know what to write for a couple of days) :)http://my-dreamy-world-by-jarka.blogspot.com/2011/06/i-dream-of.html

  3. Rachel Ragan6/5/11, 2:51 PM

    Your list is beautiful!! And I share most of your dreams :)

  4. Hallie Renee6/5/11, 8:24 PM

    I made my own post based on your idea. http://angeleffect.wordpress.com/2011/06/05/i-dream-of/

    I love your list!!

  5. Shelly Thomson-Blevins6/5/11, 8:49 PM

    Your list is truly beautiful!

  6. How touching. I'm sure many readers can relate to some of your specific dreams.

    Now, you must fill us in on this whole hemp thing. I do use it in our cooking, but why is it so great?

  7. A world full of peace and love with Christ at the center.

  8. Ingrid Grady6/8/11, 12:29 PM

    AMEN to all those!


Thank you for blessing me with your words!