81 degrees, snow & dreams

it was 81 degrees yesterday
...our 1st hot day of the year
{nothing like the sweltering heat all you southerners have right now}

and on my blog sidebar
...there were still snowy photos of the kids

it may be the frozen prairies for a good part of the year
...but it's not the arctic! {grin}

so we went for a bike ride
down to the road closed
...and took some photos

{I should clarify that myself & the 3 littles were on the gator}

it was really windy
{when isn't it windy here}
...and everyone's hair was wild

but we had fun
and now I have new summer photos on my sidebar
...and that's what really matters {grin}

Sadie went along with us
...but she was like a wet bullet with flapping ears
so I waited and took her picture inside {after she dried off!}

it's almost time to share our big news
...it will probably be the next thing you hear from me
but since I can barely contain myself
...I'm going to give you a hint
a semi truck and a dream

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  1. if it's converting a semi truck into a motor home my husband will be SO JEALOUS! ... 
    At least he fulfilled his dream of having enough kids to drive a bus as our family vehicle! :)  

  2. I love these new pictures!!! 

  3. a semi truck and a dream????? CLIFF HANGER!!!! These pictures are precious. but i'm sure not nearly as precious as there are in person!

  4. Love the new pics!

    I can't believe it was warmer there than where I am {in California} yesterday!  Like 20 degrees warmer.  Craziness.  We are finally seeing some warmer weather today though, thankfully!  I was beginning to think we were in January, not June. Ha!

    Looking forward to the big news!

  5. Pjlitchfield6/7/11, 10:19 PM

    i miss your blog.  hasnt been the same in a while now.  BUT it seems to be making a come back :)

  6. where did you get the font you used for the pictures???? :D

  7. Curious Georgi6/7/11, 11:42 PM

    you did it! i do still miss those snow pictures [they were perfect!] but these summer ones show your kids faces :) which i lost track of under the scarfs. can't wait to see my boys grow up! and i can see a difference in the girls now---


  8. brittanyclaire6/7/11, 11:54 PM

    crazy weather indeed!!!

  9. brittanyclaire6/7/11, 11:54 PM

    no converting... yet {grin}

    LOVE your husbands dreams!

  10. brittanyclaire6/7/11, 11:54 PM

    I think it was from 1000 free fonts... called Clementine. :)

  11. brittanyclaire6/7/11, 11:54 PM

    yes they were a bit obscure weren't they.

  12. Your photography skills are just stunning. LOVE the new pictures. 

  13. Shelly Thomson-Blevins6/8/11, 11:20 AM

    Love the new side bar pictures :)

    Is your big news your moving back to your old house!!


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