my mom has a zipline at her house I'm sure you can imagine nearly every moment we were at her house
...the boys were on the zipline.

flying high...

swinging low...

standing & jumping...

and having a complete blast!

I enjoyed the zipline too
...but no one took my picture
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  1. Boulanger Ab5/6/11, 10:03 AM

    I LOVE looking a Ozzie's wardrobe choices! They crack me up. And they tell a lot about Ozzie and his relaxed Mama. You can tell he picked them out and put them on all by himself. And I just love that.

  2. It's obvious that your boys are having a great time! My parents have a zipline at their house too, and my 4-year-old girl LOVES it! She would do it all day if we let her.

  3. Sarah-Anne5/6/11, 3:32 PM

    ziplining is on my bucket list! take me next time, OK? ;)

  4. Love that his shoes are on the wrong feet too..he is so adorable and looks like he has fun no matter what!

  5. Salt in Suburbia5/6/11, 9:55 PM

    This would seriously be my kids' dream! Mine too, actually.

  6. I'd love to see you on the zipline. Your boys are so handsome!

  7. i LOVE the shoes on the wrong feet ;)

  8. We love to zip too! I'd love to have one in my backyard!

  9. Sisters3designs5/7/11, 10:20 PM

    SO fun!!

  10. Let me guess...he's going to be the new Indiana Jones! LOL

    Happy Mother's Day to all women - mothers and all those who want to be a mother! I hope you have a wonderful day!


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