you know you live in the country when have to drive 4 miles to get to your mail box can see the milky way on a clear night
...walking down the middle of the road at midnight you're only worried about coyotes can watch storms come and go without feeling a drop of water
...your closest neighbors are bison & longhorns
...the pounding of the gravel road lulls your children to sleep
...the closest town only has a post office, church & grain elevator
...your daughters pull your pants down while you're hanging laundry
and you finish hanging the last 2 pieces before you pull them up
...UPS calls to ask which roads are underwater before coming out find a new frog or two everyday
...half of your children play outside naked at least once a day
...your son can talking farming with the best of them arrive in town 1 1/2 hours away and you kids proclaim
"we're here already...that was fast!"

...your son prays that we "don't get blown away" every night
...a rain storm leaves you wondering if you can mud the roads without your husband see a coyote, deer, skunk, pelican, frog, snake, peacock, sheep, lama, wild turkey, jack rabbit, mud duck, crane & countless birds and bugs on one 12 mile drive scrub the dirt off of the tub after every bath consider this a road...

...I know you must have some too!
let's hear them!


  1. I live 2 miles into the country so I'm very close to walmart but I know what you're talking about. Such beautiful pictures!

  2. love this post!!  growing up, our only neighbor was my grandparents.   when they built a house across the street (4th grade), i actually cried.   i would love to live where you guys live but would miss my family too much. :(

  3. Sorry...I couldn't live in such isolation.  I'm glad you enjoy it, though.  Beautiful country side.  I live in the South so trees fill the landscape here.   

  4. I live in a city so this was FUN to read!  Thanks for sharing :) 

  5. Scribbledinthesand5/20/11, 2:05 PM

    Love it!! This is what it's like at my grandparent's farm & what I hope for someday! Also, you know you live in the country when driving landmarks are other farms or natural formations instead of buildings or street signs (go south at the Smith farm until you get to the big hill, then go east. If you get to the lake road, you've gone too far). Thanks for the laugh!!

  6. AliciaOandGang5/20/11, 3:49 PM

     I have to agree with @69d9e93c0f91fe1f773be96bc9fe2919 ...when landmarks are farm families names (ie:  The Nelson Farm or the Olson Farm)...

    I know I live in the country when we have no shades on our windows and my only worry walking up from the shower un-clothed is if by chance the UPS guy has come that day!

    I know I live in the country when I can go hours without seeing my children and know they are "near", in a relative sense, by opening a window and listening for a noise!

    I know I live in the country when I do yard work in a swimsuit!!!  Bending and the whole 9 yards!!!

  7. Love this post.. love this blog :)  Been following you since before the twins but have been shy to post usually.   LOL about the hanging laundry and putting up the last two pieces.. seriously funny!   You were the one who inspired me to cloth diaper my son.. he's 8 months almost now and we're still going strong!  

  8. Mikeandkatie15/20/11, 9:23 PM

    ...when the driver of every car you meet on the road waves to you.  (You know, when you actually meet cars on the roads.) 

    I loved spring time in the Dakotas.  We used to drive around with our bird book and identify all the different birds and ducks. 

  9.  You must live in North Dakota. It looks so much like southern Manitoba, where I grew up in the country. I absolutely love the last picture. Those are my favourite kinds of roads. Around here we say, "You know you live in Manitoba when your dog runs away and you can  watch him for three days." My favourite part about living in the country is being able to see the stars and Northern Lights at night. I miss that now that I live in town.

  10. A peacock? For real? Totally cool!!!

  11. you know you live in the australian country when
    you can run barefoot through the prickles
    you run like the wind when its magpie swooping season
    you are woken by a tiny pony waiting for his food
    you go outside at night and stand, looking in awe, at the amazing stars


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