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It's been a whirlwind week... if you're a farmers wife you know what I mean. When the planting starts everything else stops. {grin} Not today though, no where to go, just being together. Playing in the dirt, riding bikes, listening to music, eating chili, and tons more.
I am almost done with the big clothes swap. Sorting and organizing all the summer clothes... trying to fit everything into the boys dresser. The thing is... in North Dakota, you still need pants and sweatshirts, even in July.
You might have seen on twitter, but I planted all our tomato and pepper seeds this week. Alittle late, but not too late at least. Some have already sprouted up. I'm hoping to get half of the seeds I planted. That would be 96 tomato plants and 60 bell pepper plants. I still haven't tilled the garden and I'm getting very anxious to get everything in the ground. patience.
My camera is full but I am unable to retrieve the pictures off of it.... kind of depressing to not be able to take pictures everyday. {grin} Speaking of pictures... I was finally looking through pictures from our big road trip and came across this one from the Art Museum...

Very typical... hands on all the time. They wrestle all day long... not sure they will ever tire of this type of play. The 2 big boys couldn't even manage to keep their hands to their self for a 15 minute drive to church. sigh. at least they don't get hurt... usually!
I'm going to be sharing this recipe with you in a couple days. Can you guess what it is? {grin}

The kitchen floor is almost ready for paint... my amazing husband has been scraping and scraping and scraping every chance he gets. It's a tedious, tiring, dirty job. I am so excited to have something other than carpet in the kitchen!

I was thinking of having a live Q & A session this week... what do you think? A friend suggested it and I kind of like the idea. That way you won't have to wait 1-2-3-4-5-6 weeks for the answer. {grin}

Did I tell you we found out Penny and Maisy are boy cats... not girls like we thought. I had wondered for a while but the family we got them from said they were sure so I just went with it. But let me say... they are BOYS! {grin} We had a family meeting and decided to keep their names the same and just forget they are boys. Ha! Grandma is adamant that we not have any of the cats fixed. We are having the boys neutered so we don't end up with wild kittens. Lucy however, we are thinking about letting her have a litter of kittens. We don't have a large wild cat population and they actually are good to have around the farm. Grayson has been spending time trying to get close to the wild cats... we'll see how that works out. {grin}

I'm planning our school week tonight, as I usually do on Sunday nights. We will see how much we actually get done. I guess it depends on the rain and when the boys can get into the field. I have so many things I want to share with you about homeschool. I know I've said that before... I spend on my time actually schooling though, not sharing about it.

more to say but no more time to say it.
see you all tomorrow!
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  1. I'm going to guess granola. Whatever it is looks yummy! I can't wait to see your floor. I hated having carpet. Wood is so much better. 

  2. Mikeandkatie15/22/11, 8:22 PM

    It's good to have the boys neutered too if they are in the house.  Otherwise they start to spray and it is stinky!  We had a boy and a girl and the vet told us to wait until like six months to sterilize them.  Well, the girl needed to wait that long. The boy needed to be done at around four months. 

  3. brittanyclaire5/22/11, 8:31 PM

    yeah, they are in their first heat cycle and they really aren't bad at all... but they are still young. I think once they figure out what's going on they will become an annoyance.... good thing they won't have another one. :)

  4. brittanyclaire5/22/11, 8:32 PM

    oh yes, I would LOVE to have wood floors again... unfortunately that isn't happening anytime soon. We are actually going to paint the very old vinyl that was under the carpet. It's so old it's practically cement. :) 

  5. While male cats are more likely to spray, intact female cats also will spray. Neuters are the easiest surgeries EVER. My vet used to let me watch back when I bred bengal cats and seriously, it takes longer to put them under anesthesia than it does to complete the procedure. It took less than 5 minutes with him slowly explaining every step. I was amazed!I had the boys done between 8-12weeks of age and aside from walking kinda funny the first day, they were fine. Spays, on the other hand, are major surgery. 4-5 months is better. I wouldn't go much longer, though. It is better if they never hit a heat cycle before they're spayed (though, as always, better late than never). More than age it depends on the cat's weight and how skilled the vet is: putting a smaller animal under anesthesia is trickier than a larger animal. 

    Good luck with the paint! You should post before and after photos :).

  6. I'm up late homeschool planning also, but I don't seem to be getting much done...visiting blogs isn't too conducive to planning..ha!

    We have a small garden, I can't even imagine that many plants!  We had 8 romaine lettuce and 7 celery all at once and I had a hard time using them! 

  7. Sara Erickson5/23/11, 12:46 PM

    Males need done ASAP, mine loved each other till they got a little older and then they started fighting...they never got over it even though they were eventually fixed!!!




  9. I am going to guess a Lara Bar recipe?


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