Did you know

...it was wet & foggy here all day... no holiday sunshine for us!

...we are so thankful for the sacrifice many men and women have given for our country.

...we're done planting {the fields}

...my garden is tilled and ready to be planted, I can't wait!

...I am this close to cutting my hair, you know, to fit in with the girls new hair cut {grin}

...we are maybe planning a summer road trip & it will include some of you!

...the girls are almost weaned, well, kind of almost. {grin}

...we watched some video's of the recent tornado devastation and it had a few of us in tears

...I finished my homeschool post, finally! It will post this week!

...we're in the tornado watch area tonight.

...I miss my family, a lot! {frown}

...we did school today, better on a rainy day than a sunny one!

...the girls can sing their abc's and have very loud singing contests with Ozzie.

...I told my husband I would only take 10 minutes, so I need to go now! {grin}

goodnight friends! see you tomorrow!


  1. The girls are far too old to still be attached to mama's titty.   It's not even psychologically healthy for them, but what's it doing for you???

  2. Your summer road trip sounds exciting!  Can't wait to hear where and what you have planned :)

  3. glad to hear you're still alive & kicking, haha!! ;)

  4. Can't wait to hear which direction you're headed on your road trip!


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