quite a day

up early
walking through water
Grandma at the door
startling news about Grandpa
praying for Grandpa
listening to Grandma tell of her scary drive through the flooded road home
planning a trip to town to be with Grandpa
missing mom's group
walking laundry next door
Grandma inviting the kids for breakfast
listening as she tells stories and sings while they eat
wagon rides & playing in the mud
swinging & rope climbing
cleaning water from the basement
reading about bats
watching the kids pretending to fly like bats
sunshine and rain
pick-up load ready for goodwill
Grandpa's surgery is postponed until tomorrow
more laundry next door
muddy boots
attempting to fly a kite
hearing the news our family down south was hit by a tornado
thanking God they were safe
digging a hole in the basement
unpacking wet boxes
dreaming of a new camera
making homemade spinach pizzas
watching the original doctor dolittle
reading of the catastrophic storms down south
hugs, prayers & bedtime

quite a day indeed.


  1. Goodness! Sounds hectic! Hope your Grandpa is fine

  2. I'm glad everybody was safe! I hope that Grandpa is ok too :)

  3. I'm praying for Grandpa (and Grandma too) today!

  4. Praying for all.

  5. Wow.. so much!!! I just love the way you share with your words!

  6. Thanks for the words. Might be time to share another recipe soon??? Maybe the spinach pizza?

  7. My prayers go out to all of you. I'm happy to hear that your family is safe in the south. We northerners have certainly gone through enough this spring as well. May the Lord be with all of you.

  8. sixcrazychildren5/1/11, 5:52 PM

    quite a day indeed. Hope Grandpa is ok... I saw on FB he is home? I hope that's right......

    and sorry to hear that family of yours was hit in those tornadoes.... glad they are ok too.

    *sigh, what a day x

  9. Hi glad to hear you are home. Maybe we could do a little business now on etsy.
    cheers Amy


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