late night talking

it's been a while since I've sat down at the computer, when the house is quiet and dark, just me and thoughts.

If you follow me on twitter you might have already guessed by my excess picture tweets. I finally got a new {to me} phone and it takes pictures, has text & internet. Wow! I used to say I never wanted a nice phone with text and internet. I didn't need it & shouldn't need it. But now I have one and I have to say putting pictures on twitter is my favorite part so far. {grin}

Can I ask you all... if you have a text/internet phone do you have rules for yourself? I have always tried hard to keep off the computer during the day and not spend idle time on the computer {especially in front of the kids} but with a phone like this... it is right there all the time. It is too easy and tempting but I am determined to keep some boundaries. So... what do you think, what do you do?

My Sears Kenmore washing machine is broken AGAIN! Almost the exact same problem as last year. Not sure what else they can replace. I think I bought a lemon! {sigh}

We have lots of flooding going on all around us... on the way to town on Friday we had to drive through a flooded road. According to my husband it was safe because it had just gone under, there was no current & it was only 5-8 inches. He was calm... I on the other had was not quite as calm. I kept my mouth shut {mostly} but boy was my heart pounding. And people say the country is boring! Ha!

Speaking of flooding. Our basement is flooded... well only half. The half that is full of boxes and storage. Our bedroom is thankfully still dry. My hardworking husband said he's pulling 30-40 gallons an hour out... non-stop. It's been a huge pain, but at least we were home, can you imagine if this would have happened while we were still on the road.

We are already making big plans for our next road trip. I can't wait to share it with you all when the time is right! It's going to be awesome!

I'm at an impasse with my blog right now... I'm trying to decide where it is going to go from here. I have lots of ideas, some simple, some big, some crazy & some hard. Another cliff-hanger I'm sorry... I promise to share as soon as I can. {grin}

enough for now... peace out friends!


  1. I have one of those phones and I don't have rules, I used it a bunch at first and uploaded pictures all of the time and then I backed off because it got boring. I am so sorry about your basement, glad you were there but still, I am sorry that happened. I can't wait to see what you do with your blog, I sure have enjoyed it over the years. Hope you are well. :)
    -Anna GJ, CO

  2. I said the same thing about cell phones.....then.....I finally got one of those phones almost a year ago now, and I *heart* it. We hadn't had a "real" cell phone in years, and I'd never texted before. I still struggle a little with boundaries. It's just so easy to look something up, grab a recipe from one of my bookmarks, check FB, have a text conversation with my know. We traded in a land line for cell phones, so I'm still trying to figure out where I can put the phone where I will hear it if it rings, but I don't have to carry it with me all the time. It's a work in progress.

    My parents used to get water in their basement all the time too. They now have drain tile and a sump pump that takes care of it. I remember what a mess it was though and how a bunch of my old books were wrecked (including the Uncle Arthur Bedtime Story books from when I was a kid). I hope it dries up there soon! Take care!

  3. I don't find it necessary to state the brand of your washer. "My washer is broken (again)." would communicate the same information without sounding like you're fishing for a replacement item from a washer manufacturer. Neediness is overtaking society, and it's so unattractive on its' users.

  4. brittanyclaire4/26/11, 9:13 AM

    fishing...more like letting my readers know what not to buy. we invested a lot of money in this washer thinking it would be a good choice. but it hasn't been. in 4 years we have had it break down twice. the last time over $700 of parts were put in... and to have it break down again. sigh

  5. Uncle Arthur Bedtime story books? WOW!! LOVE em...;)

  6. I also had a Kenmore break and break and break. It is finally out of our home for good. sorry to hear you are having trouble with yours. glad you made it home safe. Sorry to hear about the flooding.

  7. I have struggled with how much time I spend on my phone around my (almost) one year old. One thing that has helped me is keeping it in one place (kitchen counter, end table, etc) on the charger. That way I have it close by so I can hear it ring or alert me when I receive a text message (or I can do a quick, fun Facebook status, Tweet, picture upload, etc) but I don't constantly have it in my hand (and it stays charged).

  8. I've been thinking about my blog lately also. I think a lot of moms are who are around this 5 year mark of blogging. I'm heading towards not wanting to stop the "journal" for our family but I want things even more simple than they are. If that makes sense!

    Can't wait to hear which direction your family is heading. Please tell me if you're headed this way!

    Thanks for the heads up on the Kenmore dishwasher - we're about due! They purposely don't make them to last now a days. So sad.

  9. You should try blogging from your phone (via email). I just discovered how to do it. Great time saver when you just want to post something real quick :-)

  10. In 4 years, my non-Kenmore washer has broken down too. As another poster mentioned--they purposely aren't made to last as they used to be. $700 in parts would have purchased a brand new washer that very well might have lasted longer than your current one. Everything breaks down these days. I agree no need for brand names--they all have issues. (Especially if you're washing for 8 people each week.) ;)

  11. nevermind! you were talking about the washer, washer. THAT is an important one. Hopefully it has a warranty on it still?

  12. We have a new set for our kids, and many of the stories are the same, but I think they've changed some of the names and stuff. I used to love them, and now my girls love them. :~)

  13. Aliciamoverby5/3/11, 1:09 PM

    Oh the all knowing Data Plan on the phone! It seems that without it you have no idea what you're missing...and then it arrives and life changes. But limit it I do. I think you have to. Looking only within, I did not want to "shuush" children due to a phone. I did not want to ignore my family for a matter how clever and convenient. So I text, I email and browse in only the same moments I would at my computer. Although, obviously I can do it while away as well. As a business owner now, it's been so important on days away, but it is a constant thought in my mind. If I feel/hear myself putting life (aka: children) off to look at anything (text/email/browser) I put it down. Out of my hands. But...then again...I'm the same way about actually talking on the phone. I don't like to do that while spending time with family or allowing it to interfere witha face-to-face conversation. That's just me!

    Glad to see all of the photos though!


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