my hero

Did I tell you we were in a blizzard?
...really in the blizzard

we went to town ice skate
...visit the library
...make a salvation army drop off
...get groceries

and then go home.

Except when it was time to go home
the roads looked like this...

they shut down the interstate across the whole state...

so we did the only thing we could do
call every single hotel in town
...and get the last available room
my pitiful attempt to take a new {headless} profile picture
we watched the sad news about Japan {sigh}
and tried to get some sleep
30 hours later we headed home
only to find snow drift

after snow drift

after snow drift

after snow drift

after snow drift

covering the road home

and I was obviously not properly prepared to help {grin}
but thankfully my hero was prepared
prepared to keep us safe
prepared to shovel through drift after drift
and prepared to walk a mile home to get the tractor

so we could finally

make it home

my hero saved the day
and I am totally bringing my snow boots next time we go to town
and maybe some extra clothes and toothbrushes too! {grin}
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  1. Oh wow! Thank goodness there was a room for you all :) And thank goodness your hubby is a good hero! (I'd so be packing snow boots if I were you too!)

  2. what a great husband/father. He deserves to be waited on for a day for his sacrifices. I live in Northern Michigan so we too know all about snow drifts. Crazy!

  3. Brit, I'm so glad you blog about life in rural America and always have your camera at hand to document it. Unless you've experinced country living one might not know that this is just how it goes sometimes. I had to call in late for work one time because my neighbors cattle (100+ cows) was blocking the road...or the times flash floods washed out my driveway and I coudn't get to town. I also have my fair share of winter driving war stories since I'm just a stones throw from your neck of the woods. I love how you and your kids have just taken your first winter in ND in stride. Your children appear to be relishing in the snowy existence and everyday offers them a new adventure. Just wait...mud season is coming!

  4. Northern winters are a learning experience. Glad you didn't get caught in car somewhere in the storm with no boots.

  5. Oh. My. Word. Finding a hotel room must have been a relief.

  6. What a great adventure!! Been meaning to tell you how much I have been enjoying your posts....each and every one of them. You are amazing, your family is beautiful on the inside and on the outside. The love you have for them shines through and they are incredibly blessed to be able to call you their mom.

  7. I would be keeping an extra set in the car at all times now. What a wonderful way to embrace it as a family! Love your blog.

  8. heatheritstwinsanity3/17/11, 12:21 PM

    Wow! That sounds like an amazing adventure! I am so glad that you have such an awesome husband to dig your way out of the snow and back home. Stay warm! :)

  9. OMG!! Where do you live!? I found your blog through another.

  10. pack a bag and keep it in the car!! that's what i'd do!

  11. sixcrazychildren3/19/11, 12:05 AM

    I'm sitting here in my wide open living room... after blogging about how our weather has changed {Autumn here for us now}..... and NOW I'm kinda laughing at myself because all I can think is you must live in the Antarctic!!!!!! that's a LOT of snow {and it's probably not even that unusual for you........ amazing. amazing. amazing

    glad you found a room.... you sound like a wonderfully adaptable family :):)

  12. aliciaoandgang3/21/11, 8:15 PM

    AHHHHH This is crazy! But so typical of where you are at!

    But moreover...all I can think about is how things like that make me fall in love with my husband over and over again. When you see that genuine care and love and concern for you and your family. The grin on my face is huge. So blessed!!!

    Also...obviously so glad you made it home...and I love those jeans! Do tell!

  13. That is completely unreal to me Brittany. I've never seen that much snow in my life and well, I kinda hope I never do! HA! Glad you were able to get a room!!

  14. Schuler Blog3/28/11, 7:53 PM

    oh my goodness how insane.. so glad he rescued your day and got you home safe!


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