11 days

traveled 1,600 of our planned 3,200 miles

3:30am hotel stop

hugging family at midnight

sunshine & blue skys

fishing with papa

splashing in the kiddie pool

outdoor picnic with family

zip line with cousins

thrift store shopping

floating down the lazy river

water slide races

dogs wrestling

little ones racing through the house

boys playing video games with their uncle

dad working on our midwest home

picking up with best friends right where you left off

chipotle. chipotle. chipotle. {grin}

watching movies

late night talks

rip stick riding

more driving

planning to see more family

thrilled to be here

wishing we already had our RV

comfort food

trader joes hummus & chocolate peanut butter pretzels

making plans to leave the kids for a night {gasp}

missing the 18 inch snowstorm we just had at home

wondering how our kitty cats are doing

a few school days

lots of fun


  1. glad to see you are enjoying yourself

  2. Sounds like so much fun!

  3. chipotle. chipotle. chipotle.
    we just got one in knoxville.
    now we are officially the next best thing next to heaven!
    sounds like you're having a blast. making precious memories.

  4. Love Chipotle! It's one of our few go-to places when we eat out since we try to eat only organic, grass-fed beef. Yum!

    (and how funny that this blog post showed up with "Eet" on the playlist! Love that song too. So much so I fit into the playlist for our Girl Scout father-daughter dance this weekend)

  5. Sounds like a good time! Oh, how I miss Chipotle!!

  6. RV for travel...or RV for living? You've got to check out The Happy Janssens & Walk Slowly, Live Wildly (same family, two diff blogs). They've lived in RVs off & on over the last couple of years. Very interesting blog to read, and definitely check out her pics of the interior of their different RVs. Gorgeous.
    We recently lost our house & purchased an RV that is now our home. We're not traveling yet, but we LOVE living in it. Kinda' crazy that we've adapted just fine and don't even miss the house. Oh, and the RV we bought we totally remodeled/rebuilt. Email if you want pics or more info...happy to share.
    Glad you're having a blast, and enjoying sunshine. A much-wished-for-commodity up here in the dark damp north right now! :)

  7. yay! Can't wait to see you again Friday...I called Paul today to see if plans were still the same...call me so we can see when to meet up.

  8. sixcrazychildren3/31/11, 4:39 AM

    That all sounds like it's rolled up into a fun filled few days..... enjoy. Keen to hear more about the RV

  9. aliciaoandgang3/31/11, 11:50 PM

    Sounds like a good visit to your old hometown???? maybe???
    Man how we love RV travel! Sounds like you're getting ready to enjoy it too!

  10. Can't wait to see pics! And I might have to hit up Chipotle for lunch today!!


  11. tkerickson4/1/11, 2:55 PM

    I am so glad you are able to get back to see family and friends! By t he way, it would be super fun to try and hook up this summer!

  12. Hi There! Just stumbled across your blog and its just beautiful.... your music... your heart... your family... your story.... your everything!!! I have also married my high school sweetheart... and have twins also!!! (Mine are adopted from Ethiopia) :) So glad I found you!!! You make my heart sing.

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  14. Hollienoelle4/21/11, 6:08 PM

    Miss You!! Come back soon :(


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