late night talking

I can't even remember the last time I blogged or why I haven't had the time to blog. Too busy living life I guess! {grin}

If you follow me on twitter you might remember me talking about chocolate honey popcorn and guacamole, and whatever else I twitter about during my wild days. {grin}

I have been working on a best of 2010 post... I'm hoping to get it done before 2012. Ha!

We haven't left the house since Tuesday and I'm surprisingly not stir crazy yet. We've had a exciting few days of blizzard{s}. And this was not your typical midwest blizzard this was a North Dakota blizzard. White out, 45 mph winds, -47 degree wind chill, gigantic snow drifts, interstate closed, you get the point. It was our 1st and 2nd ND blizzard and I have to say it was a hit with the whole family. {grin}

I took quite a few pictures of the blizzard, from inside our cozy home, but someone formated my camera card! Uggg! Hoping my amazing husband can recover them...

We still have our tree up, but the lower half is sans needles. Is it that obvious we're new to the whole live tree thing!? We didn't know you had to trim the bottom off before you put it in the base. Hopefully we'll remember next year. If we can dig out, it's going into the burning barrel tomorrow. Wish we had a wood burning oven... come to think of it, wonder if any of our neighbors could use it. That's an idea indeed!

Maisy hurt her leg, well actually I hurt her leg and I feel absolutely horrible! She has a bad habit of jumping up onto the table. A huge NO, so I picked her up and dropped her about 3 feet from the floor. She let our a cry and limped away. Oh I feel terrible, terrible i tell you! If she doesn't start to walk on it soon we'll have to take her to the vet. Oh my!

We cut a hole in our kitchen wall... it was loud and dusty and totally awesome! I'll have to share some before & after pictures soon.

Today was my mom's birthday and I forgot to call her! ...hanging my head in shame... I remembered her birthday ALL DAY, we talked about her, said we were going to call, but never did. Expect a call tomorrow mom!

I still don't have snow boots, ridiculous I know, but buying something brand new for myself... it's just hard! I want to make sure they are good quality, super warm, reasonably priced and I'd really like them to be somewhat attractive too! {grin} I've trying to decide between 2 pairs for weeks.... maybe I'll decide tomorrow!

This is my first post of 2011... epic, I know!

okay, enough rambling and comas, I'm off to bed!


  1. Gigglebellies1/2/11, 3:06 AM

    How to Care for Your Farm-Grown Fresh Christmas Tree

    17. Never burn any part of a Christmas tree in a wood stove or fireplace.

    Tree Tips

    Do NOT Burn your Christmas Tree in the Fireplace -- Burning your tree in the fireplace may cause a chimney fire or a structure fire.


    I thought this was just basic common sense that everyone knew. Guess not.

  2. Happy New Year, as if you need to tell us excuses with your big busy family!! Love Posie

  3. you may be all about comas… i'm all about the elipsis. addicted, i tell ya!
    happy new year. glad y'all can hunker down in a blizzard. it's great having suitable shelter and ample heat.
    it's the little things. that and a houseful of kiddles to cuddle with.
    your little maisey will be fine… i'm sure of it. i've "helped" my dogs out the door before after they've messed in the house or gotten into the trash. it's okay. but i know how you feel!
    tell your momma happy belated from your readers (at least me) too! ; )

  4. brittanyclaire1/2/11, 9:53 AM

    Thanks for the tips! I wouldn't burn the tree whole in a fireplace... I was thinking more chopping it up and using it in a shop wood burning stove. Why wouldn't you use the wood for that?

    we don't have a fireplace or a wood burning stove... kind of wish we did though! {grin}

  5. brittanyclaire1/2/11, 9:53 AM

    Yeah! You got your snow..... hopefully you'll get more soon!

    a squirt bottle is on our list next time we're in town!

  6. brittanyclaire1/2/11, 9:55 AM

    It's always a joy to read your comments!

    "helped" Ha!

  7. You may have broken her little leg, you can't drop a baby kitten or cat no matter what they are doing that is a no no. You need to use voice commands or a water bottle that poor little cat needs to see a vet if it is broken leaving it this long will make it hard to be fixed. Sorry if I come across harsh but I am an animal lover especially cats and you can't just drop them, no more than you would drop or push one of your babies off a table, the kitten is still a baby and still learning

  8. and I know you are good hearted don't take me wrong my main concern is having the littile leg looked at

  9. Happy New Year, girl! And I don't think you need excuses for not blogging - 6 kiddos keep a woman busy!! :)

  10. Gigglebellies1/2/11, 12:14 PM

    "Many household items, when burned, can create toxic fumes. NEVER burn garbage, trash, painted lumber, treated lumber, construction scraps, your Christmas Tree or large amounts of paper in your fireplace."

  11. brittanyclaire1/2/11, 12:17 PM

    I'm not talking about inside a house, outside in a workshop. Anyway... doesn't matter it's going into the burning barrel. I defer to my intelligent husband for these things. {grin}

  12. brittanyclaire1/2/11, 12:21 PM

    I hear you, I am an animal lover too. The cats jump off of places so much higher than where I dropped her. I was sitting in a chair and held her out and "let go". I should have set her down, I know this.

    We're going to check with a friend who is in vet school later today.

  13. you should try BOGS for winter boots. They are amazing. and 100% waterproof and you can use them all year round. And they're pretty. :)
    new reader to your blog: I love it!!

  14. go to and/or ...they have a GREAT winter sale and you can get really good (somewhat attractive) boots for a really good price. My family moved from Texas to Canada 2 years ago, and I stocked my family of 5 during this sale and save (and I'm not exaggerating) $1000's of dollars! I hope you find something!


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