last year

this amazing boy turned FOUR
we sang happy birthday 4 times
watched & listed as Ozzie made his {red tractor} wish
we celebrated under the glow of red & white string lights

his red tractor wish came true
handmade cards were lovingly given
and oh yeah dark chocolate fudge cake was thoroughly enjoyed
a perfect day for a perfect little man!

...and it was really just a few days ago {grin}
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  1. Can't wait until my boys can make cards for each other.

  2. hahaha. december birthdays… the best {sorta}. mine is on the 15th and the hubs is on the 8th. way to celebrate intentionally. oftentimes those dec birthdays get swallowed up with christmas.
    he is really growing up. he's not such a little boy anymore. his face is changing and he is turning into such a cute little guy {as opposed to the adorable little boy he was}.
    four. sigh. where does the time go!?
    congratulations and happy birthday, ozzie!!


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