it's 11:30pm

so obviously what else would I call this other than...
"late night talking"
completely uncreative but I'm a sleep deprived, homeschooling mama to 6 wild children... need I say more! {grin}

We husband and tractor plowed our way out of the yard yesterday. It took 4 hours. And since the county doesn't plow out this far very often he had to plow about 5 miles down the road as well. But we did make it out. And now we have eggs and coconut milk and cashews & kale... you get the picture I'm sure. {grin}

They haven't delivered our mail since last Wednesday. Something about snow on the roads, can't get through, come and get it yourself. We tried to get to the post office yesterday but we were too late... our little post office is only open for 2 hours in the afternoon.

speaking of our little town
before the blizzard...

yeah, that's about it. {grin}
In other non-snow related news. The boys made a slide down a 12 ft. snow drift behind the shop. Each boy now has their own HUGE snow pile with custom built slide. Ooops, what can I say... My life is surrounded in snow right now! {grin}
The girls haven't worn a diaper in almost a week. Did you read that?! No more diapers!!! Now we have been snowed in, but we did make it to town and back yesterday with no accidents. I'm going to use these training pants for when we go out... if they ever arrive. They were shipped before Christmas, but again, snow, no one will deliver to us right now. Boo-hoo!
We're back in full swing with school. Our new set up is making the day go much smoother. I am so happy we moved the rooms around.
I was just thinking about how it's been a long time since we did a "you ask it" post and thought it might be a fun time to do it again. Ask away if you'd like, anything but homeschooling, that one is coming finally! {grin}
okay, I'm off to bed...
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  1. sixcrazychildren1/5/11, 6:41 AM

    Your little town looks amazing :)
    No more nappies on your girls... amazing :)
    All your talk of snow....amazing :)
    I could equal your talk of snow with talk of rain ... disaster :(

  2. Your town looks incredible!!! I'd love to hear about it! Population, what stores there are, etc (all though I'm thinking it is probably one of those hardware v. auto v. grocery v. craft v. mall v. fish bait v. tattoo parlor--- kind of store!! I love small towns and those stores! How far away are you from a "big" town?? ( with a thousand or so peole!)

    Thanks...I love, love your blog!!!

  3. Love your little town. TOO cute!


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