it went like this...

6 kids and 1 mom went out for the day
the truck read negative 17 on the way into town for Mothers Group
the only car we saw along the way was the mail lady... we stopped and chatted about the snow drifts and scary road across the lake. She gave me our mail and turned around and followed me back to the main road.
In our mail was a package from Australia... 2 handmade upcycled sweater jackets for the girls. They are GORGEOUS!
there were 4 of us at mom's group. One of which is having a baby next week. Yeah babies! {grin}
a friend asked us if we wanted to go to the playplace in the bigger town...
we stopped by subway first and brought our sandwiches in.
I fell walking in carrying both of the girls. They weren't hurt. I was.
I bought the boys fries. They looked at me in awe and gave me a big hug.
the girls had never been to a playplace
they didn't want to leave EVER.
I had to carry them out of the restaurant giggling like little monkeys. At least they weren't screaming!
We were in town so we had to go to the store too
...if I had $10 for everyone that said I had my hands full groceries would have been paid for.

I bought the girls lip balm. They tried to eat it on the way home.
We stopped by the elevator to pick up our packages.
Vance was thrilled with his endangered species pocket book & Grayson bought a multi-tool. They thanked me no less than 5 times for letting them spend their Christmas money.
The fog was so heavy on the way home I almost missed our street or should I say I almost lost sight of our street
the wind is blowing and the snow is coming... I'm still not tired of winter! Good thing because it's far from over.
I just finished putting groceries away and now I must get to bed... school tomorrow you know! {grin}
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  1. I can't even imagine negative 17. It sounds like a fun day. :)

  2. You left out the part where you tried to call me on the way home and I didn't answer because I didn't hear my phone!! :-) I'll call you today...

  3. AdventureInBabywearing1/13/11, 8:20 AM

    What a day! I love hearing about your sweet life. But I still wish we could be neighbors.


  4. Negative 17? Holy cow you are a brave woman! I was complaining because it was 10 degrees here this morning :( You are one awesome momma for taking them out!


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