It's no secret that I love photography.
I love looking at life through my lens...
savoring those moments that other wise might have gone unnoticed...
Looking back and remembering moments I had already forgotten.

some days though...
some days I am too busy to view life though my lens
too busy living life
and those days turn into nights
and that is when I lay in bed and capture the days images in my mind
they all start flooding in as if I had taken pictures through the day
I take them in and fall asleep
forgetting things like this...

Gavin peeking over the counter in anticipation of the Strawberry french toast

Nolia licking the homemade strawberry syrup off of her plate

Vance & Eliza cuddled on the couch with pillows and blankets reading a book

Ozzie in the middle of the kitchen floor building legos

Ozzie & the girls dancing to Buffalo soldier

Vance coloring an Egyptian painting

Grayson, Vance & Gavin giggling to Calvin & Hobbes

Gavin pinching his nose while trying to clean the litter box

Eliza & Nolia sitting on their pottys holding hands

Gavin, Ozzie & Vance building lincoln logs with a crane

Eliza bringing me 4 dolls and saying "they were out of control"

Grayson, Vance & Dad marking Bibles to giveaway

Eliza sitting at her table coloring with her legs crossed and swinging

The girls & Ozzie jumping in the crib for the last time

Ozzie telling the girls their new bed is "absolutely beautiful"

Gavin & Vance hiding in the linen closet with a flashlight and book

Grayson checking the ripening avocados on the window sil

Eliza & Nolia tucked in their new "big" girl bed

Ozzie tucked in bed with his finally found super froggie

Gavin cocooned in his fort bed

Vance tucked in bed with a flashlight and book

Grayson tucked in bed with a pillow over his head

...I may not have the photo but i'll never forget these now that they are written {grin}


  1. I wish we could have talked more yesterday...I probably would have found out about the new bed...I"m curious to see how it went! And the 4 dolls thing, hilarious!!!

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