numbers of the day

{one} sleeping baby on my lap

degrees below zero outside {four}

boys that played out in the snow this afternoon {three}

{two} boys that rode in the tractor with dad

hours spent plowing the driveway and road {two}

{one} brown truck delivery today

pumpkin nut chocolate chip cookies baked this afternoon {twelve dozen}

helpers in the kitchen {five}

{one} homemade wool garland strung on the tree

hours it took our dinner to soak {eight}

Christmas movies watched today {one}

{one} best friend I really miss

{seven} women coming to our Cookie exchange tomorrow

friends that just had a baby {one}

inches of snow expected tonight {four}

{ten} Christmas gifts to still make

loads of laundry to fold before bed {two}

{seven} times the girls dumped their tin of crayons, giggled & picked them up

number of helpings everyone ate at dinner {two}

{two} cups of millet soaking for breakfast

{one} birthday coming up this week

times we've put traumeel on a kid injury today {three}

{two} hideouts built today

pictures taken today {zero}

times I've felt incredibly blessed today {hundreds}

{one} hour past my new self enforced bedtime {grin}


  1. Those cookies sound good-post the recipe if you get a chance!

  2. You have a refreshingly honest voice in your blog and your love for your family glows from your words.
    Just to see, I looked up Traumeel , because I have concerns about some of the health clams that are reflected here. A Canadian science based pharmacy site challenges the healing claims made by this product and homeopathy in general.
    I am pasting only a paragraph here for you to read and the URL in case anyone wishes to read the entire article. It's not too long.
    I am well aware of the "big Pharma" accusations and frankly cannot defend "big pharma" in many areas, but we must remember that the makers of Traumeel, and homeopathy products in general are not passing out their products for free. They are for sale, and cost a lot for their lack of any active ingredients.
    Here then is the conclusion I read:
    "Homeopathy is promoted as “safe” because the ingredients are so dilute that they cannot exert a biological effect. Conveniently, dilution gives a substance potent healing properties with no risk of overdose or side-effects. These concepts are antithetical. A medicine cannot have both an extremely potent therapeutic effect and be completely risk-free. It’s a wonderful fantasy, but it’s not chemically possible. And Traumeel illustrates this point."
    If you wish to read the whole article, here is the link:


Thank you for blessing me with your words!