not so green juice...
we make green juice a lot
the kids {love it}
I {love it}
our bodies {love it}
there's a lot of love in green juice {grin}

our green juice or not so green juice {grin} varies from day to day
on this particular day I let the boys pick all the ingredients and make it
and they decided on a lot of strawberries and bananas
hence the not so green color!

the usual ingredients are...

canned coconut milk
aloe juice
flax seed oil
fresh lemon juice
pure pomegranate or cranberry juice {occasionally}
frozen organic raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and sometimes strawberries
large bunch of mustard greens {today} or kale or swiss chard {my favorite} or spinach
1/2 tsp of kelp powder
chia seeds
banana {I prefer the taste without & they're high in sugar}
and sometimes I'll open up a probiotic pill and add that
or vitamin D pill
or crushed up calcium lactate
{I'll especially add these if someone isn't feeling well}

we use a simple stick blender... love it!
blend it all up and viola
...a nutritious and delicious green juice or sometimes not so green juice {grin}

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