late night talking

Today was a better day... thanks for asking!
and yes the kitten was in the potty and it was clean {grin}
I am hoping to forget all about this big ordeal... that is until Monday when I must deal with it again. Hopefully not much longer and then it will really be over.
It's been snowing all day... beautiful beautiful outside! The snow drifts are huge and the boys are having a blast playing in the snow!
The house is a wreck! Moving the master bedroom that was in the family room to the basement, the homeschool room to the family room, the family room that was in the dining room into the homeschool room, the eating area into the dining room, the office into the eat in kitchen & the toys into the entryway that was my closet! Sigh! Did you follow that! {grin}

My neck and back hurt from all the moving. I need some traumeel and a heating pad!
The horses... they were neighbors horses that escaped over their fence because a snow drift covered the fence up. The boys were outside playing when the horse came flying through. So glad they weren't in the path of those beauties.
I said it on twitter, I said it on facebook, so I must say it here too...
soy is bad. don't eat it. please!
read more about it here
I only say this because I care! {grin}
We're going to go get our Christmas tree this weekend! I'm so excited! We don't have any of our Christmas ornaments. They were all left behind and hopefully we'll have them back in a few months. But that won't help us now. We all sat down and came up with some great ideas to decorate the tree... I can't wait! It's going to be great!
Vance needs a hair cut, really just a trim, but either way he won't let anyone touch his hair! I just {grin} and say "okay". That doesn't mean I don't stop asking though! I'm thinking the hair in his eyes will eventually interfere with his avid reading. {grin} Regardless he is still incredibly handsome good looking cool.

speaking of boys... this one is full of a little bit of everything! He really keeps life interesting! At dinner tonight he said "you know, I'm really going to be a farmer, so I think I should work with you more dad, you know, and do school less" ...sigh
Ozzie can't stop talking about Grandma & Grandpa being gone. He keeps telling everyone "they'll be back when the snow is gone. 4 Months, right mom!" I don't think he really knows how long 4 months is... he is really going to miss them!

It is late and I really need to go get some sleep while I can
...even the kittens are sleeping!

Ugg! I just remembered I still need to make my bed!

Hazelaid giveaway ends tomorrow! And I have another one coming up soon! {grin]


  1. Mikeandkatie112/4/10, 2:30 PM

    Okay...but what's worse? Eating soy products or meat and dairy from the mainstream stores? Eggs and nuts are not an options because I have food allergies to them.

    I do the best I can but often I'm faced with choosing the lesser of two evils.

    Also, do you know anything about there being something toxic in dried beans? A friend posted about needing to boil the beans before slow cooking them because of a potential toxin.

  2. angellaurasgarden12/4/10, 2:32 PM

    Where are you going to put the tree? That is always a headache here. There isn't any "good" spots. This year we are heading to my sister's for Christmas and we have decided not to get a tree. I am so relieved. My youngest is 15 so it isn't a big deal to any one this year.


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