it might be me who...

said we could make 45 presents and have them all mailed out in time.

you emailed with a question or kind words and still haven't heard back from.

Filled up her camera card but has been too busy to empty it.

is too tired to be efficient but too busy to rest.

almost fell asleep in the semi-dark hideout playing board games with the boys.

thought we were going to be all alone on Christmas. So thankful for friends.

ate that plate of cookies sitting on the stove.

is still wearing rainboots in the snow.

gets to clean up toothpaste all over the bathroom floor because I let the girls brush their teeth alone.

anxiously watched Dad pull our surprise visitors out of the snowdrift a mere 600 feet from the farm.

gets to make our way to town to pick up our presents from the elevator because USP couldn't make it through the snow.

is making pomegranate walnut chicken for our first Christmas dinner tonight.

said it was okay to eat Chili for breakfast, lunch & dinner if you wanted too.

was tricked by a little boy into walking through a snowdrift and getting stuck in snow up to my hips.

let 2 little girls sleep in our bed last night because I was to tired to take them back to their beds.

wishes for another snowstorm.

hopes you all have a wonderful Christmas full of worship, love, joy, family & laughter!

...Yep it was me!


  1. Hope you have a great Christmas, friend!!

  2. Aahh! I wish I had hear all about this stuff on the phone...I need to call you more...

  3. Hope y'all have a merry Christmas!!!

    And send some of that snow our way! Our part of Wyoming has NO snow!


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