snow. kittens. food & sledding

Winter has officially set in
...the snow covered landscape & -25 wind-chill confirm that
it's a gorgeous sight to see the beautiful snow covering the brown earth
we made more delicious steel cut oats for breakfast {again}
Wondering what Chia seeds are? Why should you soak your oats overnight? Think eating organic is too expensive? You can read what were talking about here.

snowball fights was a good guess, but no, they were sledding
behind a tractor...

I'm busy cooking, well actually thinking about cooking, tomorrows meal {grin}
I'm making pomegranate chicken, garlicky green beans, steamed sweet potatoes, slaw & raw cranberry salad.
What are you making?
there is lots of kitten loving going on around here too...

I'm working on a few giveaways for you too! Check back on Friday, you'll be glad you did! {grin}


  1. brittanyclaire11/25/10, 12:11 AM

    can you see all 5 photos on this post?

  2. brittanyclaire11/25/10, 12:12 AM

    Thank you! Hope you and your curly girlies have a wonderful Thanksgiving too! {grin}


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