our day

the air is brisk
the sky is white
winter is coming

one last ride in the tractor for the littles
equipment put away for the season
an empty farm yard waiting for winter

snow spotted yard
dirt freezing harder each night
with my leeks still in it

thinking of the holidays
of missing family
of our box of ornaments left behind

jumping for joy over science
begging for more bible reading
tears over typing lessons

spilled green juice
water in the cats food
smashed beans on the floor

red cheeks
cold fingers
still playing tractors in the dirt

friends come by for a visit
little girls giggle and play
big girls giggle and talk

fresh bread from a friend
a letter from a father
good news in my inbox

dirty boots at the door
soap-nuts in the washer
a clean and shiny sink

6 wonderful children tucked in bed
a husband finishing work for the day
quiet time for mom and dad

goodnight my friends

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  1. as always I loved it. I so get "water in the cat food"!!

  2. I want to see pictures of those new kittens!


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