late night talking

We had snow flurries on and off today... but nothing stuck. The boys are dreaming of 20 foot snow drifts.

Gavin ran the backhoe today, it was his 3rd time. He's awesome like that!

I had to make 2 trips out into the middle of nowhere today. Gavin directed my way, couldn't have done it without him.

The garden is officially done. Well except for the leeks and parsnips that are still there. I really miss my garden already. But Ozzie is loving the freshly tilled dirt for tractor playing.

We brought home {blank} kittens this evening... can you guess how many? {grin}

The girls used the potty all day... yeah!

I saw a mama and her fawn hiding in a dilapidated barn this afternoon. Grandpa told me to call the hunters... I didn't have the heart.

Grandma & Grandpa leave in 2 weeks... it's going to be different without them around for a while.

We're onto the 3rd Indian in the Cupboard.

We need to finish putting together our shoe boxes for operation Christmas child.

I love your comments and emails. You all really brighten my day at just the right times. I know I don't always respond, but I always read and I am very thankful for your loving words.

I ate all the healthy snickers bars... I did share a little. {grin}

and keep watching... I have 3 awesome giveaways coming up very soon!


  1. I participate in Operation Christmas child, too. It's so easy and fun...and fulfilling to know I am helping the less fortunate to have an enjoyable holiday. I love your playlist for your blog. I have been reading for a few months and it's safe to say I am addicted to your blog and your quirkiness! :) I'm Kate, by the way. I'm a photography student from Kentucky/CIncinnati. One of these days I am firing up a blog; I'll share when I do! Good luck with the snow this winter. I was just up in Minot this summer and I promised my friend I'd come back to see the landscape transformed by the snow. Unfortunately he moved away. Can't wait to see it through your pictures!

  2. Can you post the healthy snickers recipe?? Or did I miss that....sounds wonderful!

  3. Can you share what you put in your shoe box? I have trouble with ideas for some reason.

  4. LifeAsWeKnowIt11/16/10, 7:46 AM

    Gavin IS awesome like that!! We're packing Op. Christmas boxes this week, too...I think we're only sending one, though. Did you know that if you include your name and address, the child that receives it might write back? I'd love a foreign pen pal for Alec...

  5. Snow flurries...crazy! We are still wishing the temps would stay below 80 here:) We need to get busy on our Christmas boxes too. I picked up three {one for each kiddo} a few weeks ago and we still haven't found the time to fill them up!

  6. I can not wait until it snows here!

  7. We're not going to be able to do Operation Christmas Child this year .... BUT, we're going to start a yearly tradition with it next year! Can't WAIT!

    I'll take a guess that you brought home 4 kittens.

    I wouldn't have had the heart to call the hunters either .... even though I DO love venison ....

    Oooooooo I LOVE giveaways!! :-D


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