in my head I thought

...why is Grandpa starting up the big tractor at 4:30 in the morning?
...please don't let the rumbling engine & lights wake the kids up!
...I feel bad that we all slept while Paul was up working at 4:30am. sprouts really sprouted a lot last night!
...can't we all just have the same thing for breakfast?
...where did I set my green juice, oh no! can these girls pee so much?
...did Grandma really just wrap a floral scarf around Ozzie's head?
...I hope that load of laundry I put in the washer Friday doesn't smell!
...must we get so muddy and greasy everyday?
...who keeps messing with the music volume?
...oh this is the best batch of hummus we've made in a while.
...ooops, I forgot to soak the beans last night!
...I miss my garden terribly, we need a greenhouse!
...if we spent the winter traveling in a bus we would miss the library!
...what if we don't get to see our family for the holidays this year?
...God is so awesome!
...can't wait to bring a few kittens home!
...we're out of cashews!
...I need to bless people with comments on their blog.
...should we go on a road trip with Dad tomorrow? head still hurts.
...I really need to plan our school week.
...I think I've been out of make-up for 2 weeks now!
...they didn't copy you, you just inspired them, be glad!
...wonder what the chances are of us having another set of twins girls?
...maybe we should go to the zoo tomorrow!
...are these type of posts getting old? {grin}


  1. I LOVE these types of posts!!

  2. Love your posts. Your posts are straight to the point and you don't ramble on paragraph after paragraph :) And I think you have a 1 in 4 chance of having twins again, I think I read that somewhere.

  3. AdventureInBabywearing11/8/10, 12:26 AM

    My makeup disappears thanks to a curious little diva here, too. :) Beautiful posts!


  4. sixcherries11/8/10, 5:29 AM

    wow laundry that has been sitting? i know laundry is hard to keep up with when you have six children. going one day without doing laundry will back us up to eternity. my six think they are royalty and must change a dozen times each day. i just remember how i was and know that they probably got it from me, so i simply must grin and bare it. my laundry has been known to sit a couple days too. if it stinks, i rewash with vinegar. no smell. not even a vinegar smell. i would love to know what you use to wash laundry or of any special tricks you use to fight stains and keep clothes lasting longer.

    hmmm. i certainly don't remember that post being all about laundry but the one about the clothes in the wash was the one that stuck out to me. laundry is definitely one of those chores i dread having to do.

    oh, and...yes, you're right...GOD is AWESOME.

  5. From experience, having ANOTHER set of twin girls is definitely a possibility ;)! Go for it!

  6. Definitely not getting old. These posts are one of my favorites. :)

  7. sixcrazychildren11/10/10, 4:54 AM

    I always feel blessed by your comments on my blog.

    You are an inspiration.

    I wonder too... if I had "just one more baby"..... would it be twins?? and would they be boys?????? haha... funny where your mind takes you sometimes...... *grin


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