if you

...went for a ride in our van, you'd have to sit on the floor because we're out of seats.

...joined us for dinner you might feel peer pressure to wash your own dishes. {grin}

...came to church with us we wouldn't all fit in the same pew, unless you had a child on your lap.

...walked through the front door of our home you would be in my closet.

...came out to the shop to play you could choose from scooters, rip sticks or hula hoops.

...talked to Ozzie he would surly tell you about his keys, locks & ask you to play tractors.

...stayed the night at our house you could sleep on the pull out couch.

...woke up before sun-rise you would be the only one awake in our house.

...wanted a snack Grayson could make you an awesome trail mix or homemade guacamole.

...enjoy good music you could dance with us in the afternoon.

...went to town with us, you would most likely get to visit the Salvation Army & Library.

...walked into our bathroom you would see 2 of the cutest green potties sitting side by side.

...knocked on our door you would likely hear the sound of a herd of elephants coming to answer.

...ate breakfast with us you would be offered waffles, eggs, berries, green juice, granola & more.

...looked on Vance's bookshelf you would find lots of books about endangered animals.

...came to visit us for the first time you might get lost on the gravel roads.

...joined us for evening reading you would enjoy the very end of The Return of The Indian.

...went to the grocery store with us you might notice a lot of people staring at us.

...asked to borrow shampoo I would hand you a box of baking soda.

...stopped by at dinner time you would likely see a very messy kitchen & lots of helpers.

...asked to go on a gator ride there is no doubt Gavin would be thrilled to take you.

...come to visit it's highly likely you'll have your picture taken.

...said goodnight too all our kids you might have a sore neck from all the hugs when you're done.

...walked into my laundry room you would likely see piles clothes.

...hear the girls giggling you might not be able to contain your giggles either.

...read this whole post you're awesome!


  1. I think this is an awesome post! :-)

  2. When can I come?!

  3. so glad you think i'm awesome :) what a great post!! and yes, WHEN can we COME?!!!

  4. great post! the points about the van and the pew apply to our family also :) i always feel bad when we invite people to church because there's no room for them to sit with us! we try to pawn off a couple of kids to my parents in the row behind us!

  5. CTphotography511/6/10, 9:35 AM

    Love this post

  6. Awesome post! I have to ask baking soda for shampoo???

  7. Would you mind discussing your hair care with me? I have very curly hair like you and the twins. I know that you don't wash your hair very often, and yet it just looks so beautiful. If I don't wash my hair, it gets tangled, frizzy and greasy. Any advice would be met with much gratitude!


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