have you ever

...stayed in your pj's all day eating Thanksgiving leftovers and then realized that you ate all the leftovers so now you need to make your family dinner?

...put your twin daughters in the bathtub, assigned a big brother to watch them and then come back to find the girls dumping {clean-pine} cat litter into their bath?

...told your kids it was really late because it was really dark already, even though it was really 6:30pm?

...thought you could walk across a snow covered yard in ballet flats and not get snow in your shoes?

...hid around the corner to watch your 2 year old change your other 2 year olds diaper because their conversation was too priceless to interrupt?

...played go-fish for so many rounds that you actually start to forget how to play?

... spontaneously taken a week off of school because it was a good time to take a break?

...asked your husband if it's cold outside and he replied "It's nice out, I think it's about 20 degrees"

...wished you could have a pair of pants just like your daughters?

...vowed to buy {almost all} handmade or thrifted gifts for Christmas?

Yeah, me neither! {grin}


  1. Lisamcochran611/26/10, 10:52 PM

    As a homeschooling mama we are always taking 'breaks'.....one of the beauties of having my 4 little lovies at home.


  2. Yeah, I've walked through the snow in flip flops and wished I hadn't and that I didn't have to walk back the same way I came!!!! ;) Ooooh, that hurts!!! I've screamed from it too!!! haha At this time of year, 20 degrees IS very warm!!! I was so thankful for it today!!!! lol

  3. Yes to the "is it cold?" question...and I still shudder when I realize that I just thought, "oh great, it's 20 degrees!" I loved the bath story- too cute! Thanks for your blog. I love it! You inspire me to be a better mom and healthier cook.

  4. sixcrazychildren11/27/10, 5:12 AM

    Have definitely told the children that it is much later than it actually is. You will often hear me saying "We are running soooo behind tonight boys!"

    yes, I often hide just to observe my twin boys... it's utterly divine :):)

  5. Mylifewithcrazyboys11/27/10, 6:13 AM

    Awesome! I would love the Chunky Love Necklace with the names of my three sons!

  6. I have to laugh because it sounds like my life! ;) Not the snow and cold parts though. Love how genuine you are with your readers. You help keep us all "real" and down to earth Brittany. Oh, totally doing the handmade/thrifted gifts with you this year!!! I'm making baskets with homemade jams, jellies, laundry detergent, etc. Have a bunch of baskets from Goodwill already. Hoping they'll be appreciated. :)
    Glad you all have a lovely Thanksgiving! God bless you guys.

  7. We're having a thrifted or handmade gift Christmas too!! And it's actually waaaaay more fun than just going to some store to buy some impersonal gift. :o)


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