who knew

these beans we won't eat...
in all their genetically modified nastiness...

overpowering corporate evilness...

manipulated and over used...

so far from the way God made them...
and over produced in masses...

would make such unique pictures {grin}
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  1. i do believe you shall not bite the hand that feeds you....you sound so bitter....get over it...get a job, and MOVE ON!!

  2. somehow i was deleted earlier...BUT i do think you need to be thankful for those beans because when you were down, it was your grandparents who picked up and gave you a place to call home...a home which i am sure is the result of their hard work with those "evil" beans....not so evil anymore are they??

  3. brittanyclaire10/22/10, 1:56 PM

    YOU were deleted because you were nasty in your last comment. This one is less like DoftM.

    being thankful and respectful toward his grandparents have little to do with the truth of these beans. Very little of their farm has been built on beans.

    you don't know it all and like I said earlier... it's not just black and white.

  4. Interesting...thanks...can you send me some links about this? I've searched but can't seem to find answers.

    Don't let the nasty people lurking get to you...it really is pathetic how people are so quick to judge.

  5. hmm....i would own up to if i could see, but i can't....i am sorry if that is what I wrote, but seriously....i am sorry!

  6. brittanyclaire10/23/10, 7:11 PM

    your comment is below.

    Thank you for your apology. I forgive you.


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