We're home

We're home from our spontaneous road trip. Oh wait, you didn't even know we were gone. {grin} It was that quick!

The boys enjoyed a 4 story water slide while the girls, Ozzie and I had too much fun on the 5 ft. polar bear slide.

We ate pizza, subs & bananas. Spilled a box of granola in our hotel room & sipped on tea.

We drove through 50 mph winds, washed out roads & sideways blowing snow.

We talked about hopes and dreams... and somehow I'm left feeling a little hopeless about our dreams.

We played much more than we did school... and that's okay.

There are bags to be unpacked and messes we left behind to clean up... and that's okay too.

I wanted to cut my long hair short yesterday, but today I like it long. Oh those hard decisions. {grin}

I found 3 vintage blankets at the local thrift store for $.99 each. LOVE!

We have mom's group tomorrow... I hope the weather doesn't stop us. I need it!

goodnight all!


  1. sixcrazychildren10/28/10, 4:59 AM

    haha... I'm a fair bit older than you I think {just turned 43} and have always gone long/short/long/short........ forever.... Now I'm keeping it long so that I can go grey {at some stage ;)} and have a cute grey bun tied up on the top of my head....... like the old old lady in "Titanic".

    Cool.... road trips with so many children are a lot of work but awesome fun... it's like a non stop party wherever you turn up. People stare, comment and laugh at the size of our troupe..... anyone would think having six children is a lot!! I think the "fun" factor is why I wanted such a sizeable family in the first place.

    Vintage blankets?? photos???????

  2. I can't wait to see your haircut!


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