late night talking

I have no many posts pending right... but no time to finish them right now
so a quick late night talk is what we get! {grin}
I never showed you the 4,000 pumpkins our family helped pick...
pretty cool huh!
The boys have been chanting "kings play chess on fine glass sets" all day. Sound familiar to anyone?
Paul brought in 5 loads of dirt/gravel today. It was like a party... the kids were digging, running, playing, riding their bikes all over the dirt mountain. is where I find out about copied images and content. It's new to me.
We made the best veggie cakes for dinner last night... I had them again for lunch. Making me hungry! I'm planning a post to share the recipe... hopefully sooner than later. Pesto and Salsa are still waiting their turn. {grin}
Gavin drove a combine during harvest. He told the hunters all about it. They later checked with Grandma to make sure he wasn't telling tall tales. He wasn't.
The boys washed the van with the power-washer. Awesome!
We did school mostly outside today. Another beautiful day! Yes, I'm still planning on sharing all about our eclectic curriculum choices this year. Anyone want to come over and babysit while I write? {grin}
Coconut ice cream with frozen raspberries on top is mouth watering delicious!
Okay, I better go to bed before I'm tempted to go visit the deep freeze.
goodnight all
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  1. Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. Can you tell that I majored in Biology in college? Love the photo of all those pumpkins! They don't grow down here, so all of our pumpkins get shipped in from somewhere else- like your house! Thanks!


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