late night talking

this was almost titled beaches, sponsors & cookware

it's been wonderfully warm...
warm enough to spend the day on the beach
Vance built an entire Indian village in the sand... then his sisters wrecked it. He just walked away and started another one. Well... actually I think he stomped away.

I really don't like burning my blog name into my photos...
but people keep taking my images. Current report shows 15-20 a day. Crazy!

I have made a decision to open my blog up to sponsors. This is something I have been thinking about for almost 2 years now and doesn't come very lightly. More on this later...
I am looking for someone to work on a blog design project with me.... interested?
We finally made the switch over to cast-iron cookware. Finally oh finally! We were so blessed to find someone from church selling their old set for only $45. Huge blessing!
Gavin has a new multi-tool. He is so ecstatic over this tool it makes me smile every time I see it! This boy is a worker at heart!
The girls won't nap, or stay in their room for even 5 minutes. I think I'm going to get a door lock. UGG! Ideas anyone?
We are studying mummies this week. One of the activities includes mummifying at real chicken. Not sure if we're going to do that one... we might just stick to the interactive game.
The girls dumped a whole tub of nut/dried fruit mix into the half full bath tub. Not cool!
Eliza told me no less than 20 times "Eliza not naughty girl"
I overheard the girls talking in their room tonight {I laid them down and had to walk out quickly to see what was going on with Ozzie}... Eliza was upset and Nolia kept saying "it's okay, don't be sad... mama will be right back" and then Eliza said "Yes sad, mama go-way"
Sadie is thrilled to have lots of dogs to play with this week. All 4 of the hunters dogs are black too... they look very intimidating in a pack.
We're reading The Indian in the Cupboard as a family... it's driving Grayson crazy that we aren't reading it all in one evening. I have to hide the book so he doesn't sneak away and finish it. {grin}
Ozzie wore his pajamas all day... but don't worry... he changed his clothes just before bed.

off to bed...
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  1. I was homeschooled and we mummified a chicken. It was kind of cool. Then it stayed in our kitchen cabinet for a year and the guys from the moving company found it when they were packing up our house. They thought that was really weird. Then they found the bag of small animals in formaldehyde we were going to dissect later that school year... Ahh, good times! I loved being homeschooled. I can't wait until my little guy is old enough to start.

  2. I gotta say, a friend of me told me she locked her son in and I was horrified. Then I babysat for some kids who had door locks...after putting the 3 year old back the 27th time, I used the lock. BRILLIANT. And you know, any argument for not having one is actually kind of bogus. People say it's dangerous in a fire, but you know what? Toddlers hide during fires. They don't know how to get out. So the safest place is in their room where you can get them out quickly. Door locks also stop the kids from getting into danger while you are asleep or running away. So...I'm a convert. It will save your sanity, believe me.

  3. Love your blog! I find it beautiful that you have your hands so full, but yet still find humor and love in it all. :) Your girls sound like my daughter, only x's 2. LOL!! o_O I can't wait till my children are old enough to SIT STILL long enough for me to read longer stories to them. :)

  4. Wow! Lots on your mind girl! ;)

    Cast iron cookware...lucky girl. I can never find cheap ones. You'll be building your muscles up in no time.

    What kind of project per say? (blog-wise)

    As far as the naps...been there...had to be creative. I discipline for getting out of bed. Yes, spanking. It's disobeying. Problem is that your 2-year-olds are probably not too good at communicating just yet. Try it for a week though. Now, my 5-year-old and 3-year-old have "Quiet Time" everyday for 2 hours. I make them play quietly in their rooms...listening to lullabies, coloring, playing with special toys we ONLY bring out at "Quiet Time". I keep Quiet Time Boxes filled with little things that will keep them busy. It's hard though at the 2-year-old phase. At 3, it gets easier because they understand more. Try putting them in seperate rooms and using the child-safely locks on the doorknobs on the inside. Eventually, they might get the hint. It'll take a week or so of TOTAL consistency in disciplining and it might just work. It's hard though. Plan on not having time to yourself that week in you wish to "train" them to stay in their rooms. My kids are homeschooled as well and will ALWAYS have a 2-hour quiet time everyday, so that I can have some "Mommy Time" to myself and to get some things done. The nice thing is that after taking consistent time to train them to stay in their rooms for this time, they may go to bed early for you and Paul. I know we look forward to 7:30 every night. All 3 kiddos are in bed and pretty much asleep in minutes. One more thing, you could start little, like with 15 minutes set on a timer in each of their rooms and then move it up each day 5 minutes. When the timer goes off, they can come out...something like that. Just trying to help! ;)

    Speaking of mummifying chickens, when are you getting some? I know you guys must go through 3 dozen eggs a week or something. We love our hens!!!

    Always love reading your blog. (This is so long, I'm embarrassed!) Cheers!

  5. We mummified a Cornish game hen since it was smaller. My daughter drew the funniest picture to cover the sarcophagus! She drew a chicken with the Egyptian headdress, wings crossed in front and holding the staff and other Egyptian stuff. It's a favorite homeschool memory! Don't skip it!

  6. My son started climbing out of his crib this summer (just after turning 2). We bought him a twin bed and put a child lock on his door. He has had night terrors and I shutter to think what would happen if he got out of his room while not entirely awake. If he tries hard enough he can still open the door, but when he's half asleep or cranky it just frustrates him so it works for us. My bedroom is right next to his so I always hear him. He rarely even tries these days.

    Work on enforcing quiet time if they won't nap. Chances are, they'll start napping again after the novelty wears off. Even if they insist on giving up their nap, it's amazing what an hour of laying quietly with a book will do for their mood!

    I, like many others, would love to know how you find out who's taking your photos. Thanks!

  7. How do you know people are taking your images? That freaks me out...I have tons of photos on my blog, not many that anyone would really want to steal I wouldn't think, but who knows?!! Is there an easy way to check on that?

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