you can and you can't

you can have too much bokeh

but you can never have too much of these adorable pigtails {grin}
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  1. Love the updated side-bar pics!! That's a good lookin' group!

    Those pigtails - soooo cute!!

  2. What a neat picture!

  3. Harryandrenee9/21/10, 6:32 PM


  4. brittanyclaire9/21/10, 9:08 PM

    yes it is... I've ended up with so many unique photos learning how to shoot in manual. Fun times!

  5. You have excellent taste in music, quite similar to mine. I really enjoy reading your blog, it's very inspiring for a young woman like me who is eager to begin building her family!

  6. brittanyclaire9/21/10, 11:55 PM

    Well Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying the music too! It's been a long time since i've had music on here... i'm happy to have it back! {grin}

  7. Kjenkins4299/22/10, 1:00 AM

    I look forward to reading updates on your blog. I just recently started raising my great neice. I was looking for info on cloth diapering. Boy things are sure different from when my children were little.

  8. I just have to comment on those new sidebar pictures! How grown up they are all looking, especially Ozzie! Such a sweet family you have.

  9. Oh, I agree, you can never have enough.

    A few other things, I LOVE the new pictures of the kids, makes me want to have a whole bunch more of my own! :)

    Also, I really enjoy the music you have on here. I've just let your blog sit open so I can listen. :)

  10. brittanyclaire9/24/10, 9:16 AM

    makes you want to have a whole bunch more eh? Me too! {grin}

    me too about the music too!

  11. Those curls are to die for!! I have 2 sets of girlie girlie twins, so I can easily fall madly in love with every cute set I see!


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