how does our garden grow

.awesome artichoke.
.oh onions.
.beautiful beets.
.collecting carrots.
.ruby tomatoes.
.untouched cabbage.
.not hot jalapeños.
.lucky leeks.
.makes me homesick lilies.
.green goodness tomatoes.
.absolutely awesome artichokes.
.sprawling sweet potatoes.

.delicious onion.
.garden stride.
as this years garden winds to an end...
I can't help but
smile the smashing success for this city girl {grin}
it hasn't all gone as planned
lots has been learned...
and plans for next year have already began.

How is your garden growing?
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  1. What a lovely garden - all kinds of deliciousness!!

  2. We live in western WI and our family's gardens are all done for the year now. I actually have the last of our ripe tomatoes in the dehydrator as I type!

  3. sixcherries9/17/10, 7:20 PM

    i am so jealous. we are city folks, relocated to the semi-country (we live 10 minutes from the city, and the farmland is nothing compared to where you are) but we did try to grow a small garden this year. we live in NC and the soil here is more like clay making everything almost impossible to grow unless you absolutely know what you are doing (which we do not). of course non-farmer people (oh whoa i am pretty sure that is incorrect terminology) do actually grow things here, but you guys make it look so easy. please send some my way!

  4. Looks pretty good for a first timer! I haven't done a garden since moving to Florida from Michigan 2 years ago. I think I'm feeling confident enough to try one for the next growing season. Everything is different here, and I was still a newbie in Michigan!

  5. Looks AWESOME Brittany! Doesn't it feel GREAT to grow your own food? I've started a garden notebook so I can take notes on what I want to do differently the next year and what was successful. I think it will be great to look back on in the years to come and see how far I've come from my early days with only 11 straw bales.

    One thing I'll be adding to my notes tonight - no more broccoli! I HATE the little worms that come out when I steam it. NOT.WORTH.IT ish!

  6. Oh man do those artichokes look delicious! You're almost inspiring me to try a garden of my own next year. Wonder if my brown thumb could handle it? ;)

  7. brittanyclaire9/17/10, 8:16 PM

    Thanks! I love just going and walking through the garden... so beautiful and peaceful!

  8. brittanyclaire9/17/10, 8:16 PM

    if my brown thumb can do it so can yours. :)

  9. brittanyclaire9/17/10, 8:16 PM

    worms + broccoli = really really gross! I'm not sure what well do next year but our last half of the broccoli harvest had worms too. Bummer!

  10. brittanyclaire9/17/10, 8:16 PM

    we just started dehydrating... I did a bunch of cabbage and I have green peppers waiting. What do you use the dehydrated tomatoes for? Could you use them in chili or soup? I didn't think they would work well like that so we canned our tomatoes.

  11. WHOA huge garden :)
    Ive never had a garden actually, except as a kid. Our yard is the churches back yard and we are hesitant to plant one since its used for youth rec and other things... but I might do one next year ;-) any tips?

  12. barefootmommy9/17/10, 9:39 PM

    Very impressive for your first time!! My first time was a disaster. This year was my second year, a little better - still nothing like that! :)

  13. AdventureInBabywearing9/18/10, 12:14 AM

    Oh Brittany that is absolutely magical! I am so happy for you! How wonderful.


  14. That is a GORGEOUS garden! :)
    I was just happy to have a plethora of lovely tomatoes!

  15. Whoa love the new pictures on the side!! How much they have grown!! I really love reading your blog!

    Corrina from Hong Kong

  16. lovely garden.

  17. Carol in NC9/18/10, 4:26 PM

    I dehydrate tons of tomatoes. Don't over do it, just until they are leathery and no longer wet, but not crisp. A huge basket of tomatoes will fit into one itty bitty ziploc bag that I then store in the freezer. So easy! I throw a handful into soup, use them for pizza night, and pioneer woman has a really devine recipe for pasta salad with sundried tomato dressing that my daughter is addicted to. Last week I reconstituted some in hot water and added them to braised cauliflower and it was delicious.

  18. I don't have a garden, but your garden looks amazing!!

  19. rachel marie9/22/10, 3:02 PM

    Our garden did HORRIBLE this year- I've heard it's b/c we had big time rain storms and then it was REALLY hot right after we put our garden in. So we got ONE zucchini, a few midget green peppers and jalapenos- not so impressive :(

  20. Oh, I am so green with envy for your beautiful and yummy garden! Way to go city girl!

  21. Beautiful pictures! We are getting into the gardening season just now here in Florida. Still feels strange to be PLANTING in September and October. Well, I haven't planted yet - still need to till in the weeds. :-P I always love your pictures!


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