Eliza & Nolia

You are my sunshine
my girly sunshine
you are amazing in more ways than you'll ever know
you are 2 years old
our 1st and 2nd daughters
born 5 weeks early from a severe car accident
Now you're almost 3 feet tall and 25 lbs.
still have brilliant blue eyes
...and the most silky soft curly hair
inseparable from each other

can make each other giggle constantly

in love with swinging

Nolia is 1/2 inch taller and slightly heavier

you are not scared of anything except running vehicles and equipment

you whisper prayers while others are praying

if you're not sure where something is and we ask
...you say "it's outside"

speak in fully understood sentences
ask for beans and 'cado daily
still nurse at the same time
Eliza has longer "bangs"
you call flies "skeeto bites"
you talk about your friend Ally

wear mostly 2T clothes & size 7-8 shoes
ask to wear necklaces daily
love giving kisses
ask me to give you "pretty toes"
you use the potty regularly but still aren't potty trained
your favorite books right now are blue kangaroo and putt-putt
Dad does your hair most of the time
you ask to wear your papa Jeff jammies every night
you climb in and out of your cribs
wrap your babies up and give them kisses
you usually pick out your own outfits
...and almost always dress alike

you strip your clothes off and giggle "nakie bootie"
you giggle and holler "hi mom... hi dad..." over and over from the backseat
you give each other "horsey rides"
you build legos with your brothers and then say "look what I built"
if either of you do something wrong you tell each other "naughty naughty sister"

stickers and crayons can keep you busy for quite a while
you love dancing to music
you play with each others hair
sometimes argue over my belly button when I'm feeding you
when you get out of the bath you ask for your "fluffy bunny" towel
you take Ozzie in as your triplet
if you hurt your sister you promptly say "sorry sister" with a pat on the head
you can get out of the tightest 5 point harness with ease
when you first learned to open your door...
you could only do so when you both worked on it together
if the door isn't dead-bolted you are likely to escape to the swingset or Grandma & Grandpas house
sometimes the 3 of us eat lentil soup for breakfast
you happily share everything with each other {most of the time}
we sing songs together all day long
you play "ring around the rosey" daily
say "goodnight sun, goodnight trees, goodnight birds, goodnight garden, goodnight farm, goodnight stars"
...each and every night
you aren't attached to anything in-particular but you love silk scarves
you call your maracas "chitty bang bang"
the only time you're still is when I'm feeding you or reading books
I hear you both say 'Cmeer liza or 'Cmeer Noli all day long
you can both devour a bag of frozen blueberries in minutes
will steal anyones plate of food if they get up from the table
you make "secret hide-outs" out of curtains, blankets, closets, couch cushions....
When dad is not here you say he's "workin' in the shop" or "workin' in the field"

you come running to the word "gator"
when the door opens you think it's always Grandpa
dumping full cups is your hobby
still wake up in the middle of the night {sigh}
you tell me "sit down on the couch, or hold me in the rocking chair"
sometimes you climb out of bed to sleep together on the floor

you fill my heart to the brim
you make me smile when I'm having a hard day
I am so thankful to be your mama
I love you my beautiful girly girlies

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  1. hey Britt, bless you for sharing here so we don't miss these precious moments...if I don't get to come for harvest, at least I'll have your beautiful posts, but just hate they're growing up so fast and won't know us again...miss, miss, miss you all...

  2. Awwww, there's nothing quite as fun as this age is there? ;) SUCH a cute post about the girls!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of them on the swings!!!! I love sharing the joys of having our girls with you!!!! So happy Ally has such sweet friends now!!! ;)

  3. insidethevortex9/17/10, 5:14 AM

    You gave me tears of joy with this post. So beautiful! Thank you!

  4. Such a beautiful tribute to your girls! I can see all of the things I have to look forward to - my twin daughters are only 11 months, and just starting to get into things together.

    I have a question for you...what position do you usually feed your girls in? I nearly always tandem feed, and the double-football hold position that has worked so well for 11 months is getting awkward as they get so much bigger. I'm trying to branch out, as I plan to continue to breastfeed for a while yet...

  5. brittanyclaire9/17/10, 8:18 PM

    Wendy, I hold both of the girls in front facing each other with their legs in my lap. That is how I started and I've never changed positions because it's worked so well. It is much more comfortable if I'm able to lean back a little though.

    good luck!

  6. LOVE these photos!! Their outfits are totally adorable and I LOVE love love the way you edited these :) Going to look up your tutorial that you posted a while back now!

  7. Pretty pretty little girls!!! Sweet sweet post!!!

  8. They are so beautiful and full of LIFE Brittany. And these pictures are too. And their hair, I just love it so much... You are truly blessed. :) Thanks for sharing them with us...

  9. AdventureInBabywearing9/18/10, 3:45 PM

    They are precious! Ivy speaks so well- it's amazing to me. She has been singing happy birthday to herself all day. And her favorite thing to say is "I did it!" :)

    Wishing our girls could hang together.


  10. LifeAsWeKnowIt9/18/10, 3:59 PM

    Ohmygosh they look HUGE in those pictures! *sigh* have they really grown THAT much since we've been there? This makes me sad I've missed so much...glad you posted this!

  11. They are so beautiful! Happy Birthday to them both!

    Our youngest will be turning 2 very soon as well (and she's still nursing too!! Love it!). She's a bit chunkier than your two ladies are, though. She's in 3T and some 4T stuff already *sigh*

    Oh ... and I absolutely LOVE what they're wearing in these pics!! So cute!

  12. As always this was great! I can't believe you still nurse. I youtubed on nursing the other night and there was a mother who was still nursing her 8 year old daughter!

  13. Precious! They are so cute.

  14. Your girls are so beautiful. I love this post.

  15. I can't believe how big they've gotten. Such a beautiful way with words. This is a post you will cherish forever.

  16. brittanyclaire9/18/10, 6:58 PM

    this is my scrapbook {grin}

  17. brittanyclaire9/18/10, 7:04 PM

    How are you? I've missed hearing from you! I need to hop on over to your blog and see how you are all doing! I bet your little girl is getting big.... time goes so fast!

    good to hear from you!

  18. Not sure if you scapbook girl, but what a great way to remember these precious times!:) Your girls are beautiful and they're growing up so fast. All of our children grow up so fast. I guess when we see others' growing up, it's faster since we don't see them everyday.

    (My kids love frozen blueberries too!)

  19. Just love this one! Sweet post.

  20. Such a sweet post! They are too cute!

  21. Soooo very, very sweet... *big sighs* I LOVED your list!

  22. What wonderful wonderful gifts. Who knew girls could be so much fun? Especially after such magical, amazing boys. How fabulous that we both got to find out.

    Your girls are so gorgeous. I am so happy for you, and for them in having such a marvelous mama.
    Happy Birthday to your beauties. :)

  23. oh my goodness... my heart explodes. They are so lovely, so very lovely.
    Happy Birthday girls!

  24. That was one of the MOST PRECIOUS posts I have ever read! I am about to have my first daughter (after 3 boys) and this made me giddy with excitement!!! Thank you!

  25. whitecardigan13/4/12, 10:46 AM

    They are so beautiful
    :) Thanks for sharing them with us...

    cribs for twins


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