my addiction

I am a salad fanatic
I love the green goodness of an awesome salad
I should say I am also a picky salad lover
it must be an awesome salad
to be loved by me {grin}

like this awesome one... my addiction right now

want to try it?

2 large Swiss chard leaves {folded and cut with scissors}
1 cup cooked quinoa
{I usually make huge batches and keep it in the fridge}
heaping pile of organic black beans
sliced cucumber
halved organic grape tomatoes
big bunch of garden cilantro
4-5 garden onion greens
halved just green olives
drizzle with olive oil
balsamic vinegar
pink sea salt
and a few drops of stevia

I just had this for lunch and I'm making myself hungry writing this! {grin}

I'd love to know if you try it and what you think!


do you have a divine salad that you'd love to share?
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  1. I love the idea of adding quinoa to a sala!!

  2. walmart carries them now. all they have is water and a little bit of sea salt. i never knew green olives tasted like black olives.

  3. Adozenrosebuds3/26/11, 7:58 PM

    I just made this and LOVED it, I've got spring fever and wanted something fresh - this really surprised me and I'm going to make it again and again. Thanks!

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Thank you for blessing me with your words!