dear wasps...

I know most people despise you
but I find you {amazingly} helpful
you pollinate the flowers and the fig trees
and clean up those unwanted garden bugs
but you picked a really bad spot to nest

and you went and stung grandma
so now you're getting sprayed something from grandma's arsenal of poisons
that is unless you get this urgent message
and relocate somewhere other than the gas pump
I understand this is highly unlikely
so thanks for your 13 days of service
and goodbye.


  1. christen krumm8/18/10, 11:56 AM

    ok. so in all "new-ish mommy fashion" i am finally posting this response oh so late :)

    oooh yes, i wanna be friends too!! haha!

    have a wonderful day!


  2. I think that I'm with Grandma on this one. We had a nest of wasps in our back steps. When they stung my little boy on the hand and my little girl under her eye in a matter of seconds.....they were goners! lol

  3. We had a nest under the seat of our sandbox! My poor two year old stood up and was surrounded by many, many angry wasps!

  4. Oh no, poor grandma! I hope her skin heals soon! I am so sorry I have not been commenting enough. I thought summer would slow things down and life just got faster. I am so glad the boys LOVE North Dakota and you guys are settling in nicely. The girls (and boys) are so darn cute and I love reading about them! You are amazing and strong!

    Love to you guys!

  5. Great picture! If you don't mind me asking, what kind of camera do you have?

  6. AdventureInBabywearing8/18/10, 3:10 PM

    That is such a great photo!


  7. love your blog for the photos & wit

    Here is a blog of my 3 boys -

    Bless you!

  8. I appreciate what bees and wasps do. Truly, I do. I just don't like them having their nests around my home. Being allergic to bee stings and all.

  9. kimyamaguchi8/18/10, 7:24 PM

    You know, even though I am not a fan of wasps, I appreciate this post because I didn't think they really had a purpose. I didn't think yellow jackets did either. Bees, though I am allergic, I totally get and love and appreciate. So see, you taught me something here! (and I am sorry that your Grandma got stung. That is never fun. Hope she's feeling better!)

  10. LifeAsWeKnowIt8/18/10, 7:28 PM

    hahaha! Get 'em Grandma! I don't believe I got the privilege of meeting that gas pump when we were there...for a gas pump it's kind of cute! :-)

  11. Great photo and funny post :)
    That particular breed of wasp is known for being highly aggressive, so the stinging doesn't surprise me. For three straight years, they took over our yard and they kept building nests faster than we could destroy them - on the house, beneath the porch steps, on the children's play equipment, in the side mirrors and wheel wells of our cars. So many times I was either trapped in or unable to get into my car because of their nests in my mirrors. After a brutal winter a couple of years ago, I think they were fairly well wiped out, and I do not miss running from them. At all.

  12. What an amazing picture!

  13. I appreciate what the flying, stinging insects do...but knowing that one sting could end my life kinda colors my opinion of them.

  14. sixcrazychildren8/19/10, 4:52 AM

    I took a new view of flying stingy bugs when The Bee Movie came out!! I am in awe too... clever little things :):)

    Fly waspies fly, find a new home & hurry!!


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