It's late and I'm tired.
Paul is reading so I'm staying up until he's done.
I went to a baby shower tonight
I was 37 minutes late.
I made the gift I gave.
I took a picture but it's still on my camera.
My lens is broken again. UGG!

The girls flooded the bathroom today.
We have carpet in the bathroom. UGG!
I went to town with a friend yesterday.
I only took 3 kids.
The girls wanted to use the potty at the store.
And then they took all their clothes off.
Lots of people giggled and said it was adorable.
One man said it was a "naked baby party"
anyone have tips on keeping children's clothes on? {grin}

Nolia has mango all over her face in this picture.
But dirty faces are totally the norm around here.
The girls like to wear 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 necklaces at once.

Our cabbage have "imported cabbage worms" now. UGG!
I dusted them with flour and salt.
It kind of worked.
We harvested 3 GIANT bowls of veggies today.
There is a big wasp nest by the gas tank.
We learned a lot about wasps today.
I love homeschool but wonder if I'm good enough.
I know this is what God is calling us to do though.
The girls are almost TWO! Eeeek!
It was Eliza who fell asleep at the table.
I was going to do another post but it might take me 2 weeks.
I have 4 posts in draft... but no time to finish right now.

My dad and brothers were here for a few days.
It was delightful.
I MUST become better and keeping in touch with my brothers.
They brought their ukulele and now the boys want one.
The wheat is golden and the beans are gorgeously green.
Almost every time I count my kids 1-2-3-4-5-6 I think someone is missing.
No I am not pregnant.
I started soaking beans instead of buying canned.
I had mom's group at our house this week.
It's late and I'm going to bed now.

peace out.
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