the ride

that had all 5 boys ducking for cover...

or not...

it started out warm {78} and breezy
and ended cold {54}, drizzly & very windy

...which left the boys huddled in the corner

or at least most of them

...I heard "whooooo baby"
"let's go faster"
"bring it on"
by this one...

what we were doing?
just going for a drive in the pick-up
down to the underwater road
with 13 people
which meant that a few had to ride in back
and it wasn't hard to convince those boys
until it was cold, wet and windy
and they all wanted inside the pick-up with us
yes all 13 of us on the inside
it was a

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  1. saraericks8/8/10, 8:52 PM

    Hmmmm, it's fun to be able to live in the country and actually have the freedom to run wild once in awhile...And it is very important to remember that even though the laws of the land ask us to buckle, we as parents are still in charge of our own children and their well being...when these freedoms are taken away (which they kind of are already), this country will cease to be the "America" it started out as...

  2. saraericks8/8/10, 8:53 PM

    Britt, you are their parents and you know what ND is like!!! Feel free to do as you please with your family!!! ;)

  3. saraericks8/8/10, 8:54 PM

    Yeah, they would have to understand the wind in ND....

  4. saraericks8/8/10, 9:14 PM

    I AGREE wholeheartedly!!!! ;) I get annoyed too...

  5. Good heavens, people! Tragedy happens everywhere and at any time, not just in the back of slow-moving pickup trucks. Bravo for letting your boys have fun. (While teaching them to be cautious and safe even in their fun, I'm sure.)

    I love, love, love the pic of your son with his eyes squeezed closed, screaming into the wind. What unadulterated joy for LIFE! Keep feeding it, girl! May he never grow up to be as stodgy as some of the commenters here. ;-)


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