the girls are taking a nap
and the boys are running through the garden

the house is quiet and I find myself pausing to soak up the peace
which leads me to thinking
and today home is on my mind
so I did what I usually do
and went in search of a photo to express my feelings

this is what I came to...

it's a beautiful photo.
it makes me happy and saddens my heart
It hurts to remember the way it felt to stand in that spot
the warmth you felt when you walked in the room
the sun that greeted you across the floor
it makes me miss being with my best friend in that room
and the friends that played on those floors
the life that once graced that home
a life that is no longer my present life but my past

but I am happy today
even though I have tears
even though my heart still hurts
It's a good day
because I'm here
in this wonderful place
surrounded by God's beauty
the most amazing husband
and the best blessing of children
but good gracious is it bittersweet
oh so bittersweet.

now I must wipe away my tears
breathe in this glorious life that God has provided
and go soak up some precious snuggles from my kids.

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