you got it!

that round blue seed is a soybean.

what? You say soybeans aren't blue!

Monsanto's Genetically modified
...treated with insecticide soybeans are!

Monsanto took the soybean as God created it
they invaded it's center DNA cell
spliced it's DNA
injected a virus that is resistant to Round-up
and called it good.

Now they can claim it as their intellectual property.
a mutated form of Gods creation with a patent

once they are planted and sprouting can spray then entire crop with poisonous round-up
and it won't die
because it's genetically modified to resist the poison

Did you know that 90% of all soybeans we consume are genetically modified?

Did you know that the FDA considers GMO plants substantially equivalent as it's counterpart.
...or GRAS "generally recognized as safe"

This means they don't have to let us know if something is GMO.

What do YOU think about GMO plants?

I want to hear from you
...what do you know? you think they are safe?
...what questions do you have?

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  1. That´s wrong! I work with GMO (I took food and search if there are any kind of GMO) and I know for sure that there have been studies about the efects that GMO can produce in human health. The problem isn´t the GMO, it´s the glyphosate. I have been eating corn and soy all my life and I´m alive, I´m sure that if I try rat poison I won´t


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