me talking

it's 11:14pm and this is the first time I have sat down today
not much different from any other day
I'm tired but I am happy to have a few minutes to myself

I've been down for a few days
down as in not my perky happy self
we just spent 6 days with my best friend and her family
it was pure bliss
pure chaotic, late night, lots of food prep, endless talking bliss
and then they were gone
I miss them all so much

we worked in the garden all day yesterday
it's growing beautifully
but it's a lot of work too!

it was finally hot enough to fill up the baby pool today

the girls let me paint their "pretty toes"
I couldn't stop grinning {grin}

Dad has a out of "town" job every day this week

Grandpa is still sick

and there is a bird that keeps pooping on the clothes line

One of the girls new shoes was chopped into pieces by the huge 15 foot lawn mower

Grandma bought extra thick toilet paper
we were out so we borrowed from her
...we've had 2 almost 3 overflowing toilet experiences

The girls take their diapers off all day long
...and say "nakie bootie"

The big boys keep asking if they can ride their bikes in the road
...because it's the fastest hill
Still not saying Yes!

Time to get off and spend a few minutes reworking our summer schedule

those 1500+ pictures I just uploaded will have to wait

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