I LOVE dishes
...I mean really adore them.
I collect them.
and I have way too many.
despite giving away half of them when we moved.

the kitchen was one of the first rooms we unpacked
...and I happily filled the cabinets with dishes
it was overfilled
and soon the sink was overfilled

which meant me and my dish washing buddy were spending gobs of time keeping up on dishes
...especially since there is no dishwasher {besides us}

I knew there had to be a better way
...and indeed there was.

I gathered everyone into our tiny kitchen...
emptied the cabinet
...and we all picked our our favorite bowls.plates.cups
everyone was given their own spot for their dishes
and the rest of the dishes...
well I'll just have to share a picture of what I did with those! {grin}

but this is what our cabinet looks like now...
{you can click to view bigger}

and the best part...
everyone is responsible for their own dishes

my sink has never been cleaner
and my dishwashers have never been happier
...about washing dishes that is {grin}

I just thought since it worked for me...
it might work for you too!
I've love to hear if you do something similar or if you try this out yourself!
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