bad day... good day... the story

A few days ago I was on the phone with my best friend
…we were talking about this and that
One of our topics of discussion brought the comment
if your roof blew off you’d say “good I can see the stars better!”
we giggled…
finished our leisurely talk {with 9 children in the background} and ended our phone call

later that night as I was laying in bed looking at the stars I remembered my earlier conversation
…feeling the need to share I retold the one line comment
We giggled…
And went to sleep

The next morning we woke up to ferocious 55mph winds
…since I knew it wasn’t a tornado I was thrilled
… I love crazy weather

After seeing that the wind was getting stronger
…I gathered the big boys and ventured outside to secure everything down

I headed straight for the laundry line where 40+ diapers were having a dance party
…I tried to take a picture but it wasn’t working
…instead someone should have been taking a picture of me
Hair blowing
Pajamas blowing
Using every part of my body to try to keep the diapers from blowing away
…you can imagine
…it was quite the scene

On the way in the house on of the boys opened the door and there was no way they could hold on
…the wind was too strong
…and the door was going to come crashing into the house
I decided to try to catch it
…you know, to save the door and the house
Yeah…bad idea
A bag of frozen brussel sprouts, Traumeel & a few tears later we concluded that my hand was thankfully not broken

As I was sitting on the couch recovering
…we heard what the kids described as “someone is stomping on our roof”
Can you see where this is going?

The roof was blowing off
Shingle by shingle the roof was being torn to pieces

At this point I’m still enjoying this crazy weather
…and then I hear glass shatter
…the door had been ripped from Paul's hand
…crashing into the house
…Ripping it in half and breaking out the glass

Knowing that the door is unrepairable and hoping to detract from the door catastrophe I decide to ask
Me: “you know how to roof right?”
Paul: “Yes”
Me: “good… now you can teach the boys how to roof too!”
Paul: “yes I can”

So indeed I wasn’t able to see the stars any better
…but it’s another learning adventure!

Now what about the picture?

Later that evening we all walked over to Grandma & Grandpas for dinner
…after dinner as I’m helping Grandma in the kitchen she says
Grandma: “sure has been a bad day hasn’t it!”
Me: “I guess I’d call it wild and exciting, but it sure is a bummer about the door and roof”
Grandma: “that’s not the first time wind has broken the door to smithereens”
Me: “oh my, look out the window”
Paul: “run and get your camera”

So I ran over to our house
Staring at the sky the whole time
Grabbed my camera
Ran back outside and the rainbow was fading but the sky was still spectacular
I took one picture and then it faded away

…roof blowing off
…almost broken hand
…smashed door
…but it was still a good day

God made sure to remind us of his amazing love
Astonishing beauty
And unbreakable promises
…a Good Day indeed!

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