I'm stuck...
my blog is stuck...
life is going so fast
sometimes too fast
and I can not seem to find the time to share any of it
not because I feel like I have to share
but because I want to share
I want to take the time to write and share our life right now
so I will never forget
and because I cherish the connections sharing my life with you brings
blessings of friendship I never could have imagined

but here I am
with no time
and what seems like no way
without neglecting other priorities
priorities not worth neglecting
or so I think
maybe I should rethink

I made a everyday list to help with this time issue

it goes like this...
1. spend time with God
2. learn something new
3. feed my family well
4. family chores
5. mom & dad time

and then the day is over

I don't have a chance to add anything else to the list

doing takes ALL DAY

and I'm not complaining about doing

I LOVE doing all of those things
but I DO miss having time to do a few other things

I have so many creative ideas in my head I seriously think my head my explode if I don't get them out...
but when I do find a moment {like right now}
I find that I have a serious traffic jam going on in my head and my creativity is stuck.

which leads me back to the beginning

i'm stuck!

what do you do when you are stuck?

this is officially the stuckiest post ever...
good thing it's over {grin}

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