the unpack and settling

singing bob Marley
Gavin singing buffalo soldier
unloading the truck in the rain
singing grits
girls bopping their heads to the music
boys running down the unloading ramp
it's icy and they fall
my mom lost her vitamin bag in the snowy walk next door
Gavin and Vance go on a snow search and find the vitamins
the unseasonably warm weather is a surprise
the snowy ground is melting quickly
the should be frozen ground is muddy
moving is hard on the heart
moving is hard on the body
moving is hard on the family
moving is hard on friends
God carries me through
cheering when my fridge comes through the door
even though it won't fit in the kitchen
watching our new home fill with boxes and furniture
wondering how we're going to organize our things in with the existing furnishings
thankful for a great basement for storage
wondering if the cold air means snow might be coming
hoping for a March snow storm {grin}
looking forward to looking through the hundreds of pictures i've taken the last few weeks
missing keys that we really need
Nana working on school with the boys
taking apart 4 beds we won't use
setting up 2 cribs for the girls
wondering how the girls will adjust to sleeping apart
they giggle and talk for over an hour the first night
3 boys sleeping on the floor awaiting bunk beds
the cold has come back
the fog has lifted and the sun finally came out
2 1/2 hours away to return the moving truck
finding a health food store
my bed is set up in the family room
tears come to my eyes as we see the sky full of stars from our bed
love having a big bedroom
not loving being without a door to our bedroom
road trip to the museum
road trip to the Indian slant houses
road trip to the buffalo
road trip to take my mom to the airport
sad to see my mom leave
so thankful she was here with us the first few weeks
friends come help unload the couch and giant cabinet
in bed the whole afternoon with a migraine
furniture is moving into place
homeschool room is coming together
way behind on laundry
working on chore charts
kids loving school
the glaciers are melting
kids playing on the snow in flip flops
loving the spring weather
snow and wild winds roll in
60 and sunny the next day
scrubbing muddy boots
setting up the double swing for the girls
using the loader to get keys out of the gutters
hot water tank burns up
well water is really cold
dad fixes the hot water
baths for everyone
old oven burns everything
only one burner works
hand washing dishes isn't that bad
dad is digging rocks in the field
building a rock path to grandma & grandpa's house
Ozzie wants to go combining
dad has IT work out of town
everything is out of town
we live in the middle of nowhere
loving this life

it's taken me 4 weeks to write this. so glad to have the memories written down.

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