I really don't have time to sit down and write right now. I should be sitting on the family room floor, taking care of the pile of books that I pulled from the book shelf to sort through. I sat down with 2 boxes, one labeled Keep and one labeled Give. First I sorted by condition, the worn ones can be given away and we'll keep the new looking ones. Then I felt bad for giving away ripped books and started looking through the box only to realize that most of the worn books were worn from loving hands and they must be kept. So then I started sorting them again, only this time I was looking at the titles and skimming through. I added more books to the favorite pile. As I was sorting I realized that I had board books, chapter books, homeschool books and children books all mixed together. So, shouldn't they all be packing into separate boxes? I thought so, so I quickly resorted my already sorted, twice, piles and made 5 nice piles around me.

sounds like it's going well, right...

Then Eliza trotted in, soon followed by her sister and they decided to start picking up the books and tossing them like discs across the room. All of my efforts to protect my piles were unproductive. The girls left the room as quickly as they had run in and I was left sitting in a pile of once again, unsorted books. At this time I decided that my book sorting time was officially over and I was ready to either pack them all or give them all away!

so I came to blog, and ask you...

do you have any packing tips for me?

anything from box tips, organizing, sorting, giving away, selling, occupying the children... any advice.

well, any helpful advice that is {grin}

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