there they go

A few days ago the kids and I headed out
in search of a field suitable for taking pictures of the girls
...for a diaper company.

It was a warm 52
...okay really it was cold
but it was as warm as it was going to get. {grin}

We kind of bombed out with the girls
...they thought it was COLD
and were in NO mood to take pictures.

Instead of heading home I decided to go in search of an adventure!
I told the boys to watch out the window and tell me where to stop.

this is where we stopped...

and no sooner did I turn the truck off
they were half-way across the field

they ventured out for a while
...I could see them most of the time

after their adventure was complete
they made their way back to me
...sitting in the pick-up with the girls

one day there will be six of them
running off on an adventure
and then maybe i'll be able to run along too!

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