I'm THAT mom

...who thinks when a child wakes up at 6am
it's still considered the middle of the night

...who takes all six of her kids to the store

...who has her kids help with every meal

...who loves to treat her kids to tasty treats
without feeling guilty because they've eaten their beans & veggies

...who forgets to clip all 120 nails until they are obviously in need of clipping

...who gives all dirty diaper babies a bath
because I don't think wipes really clean

...who lets her kids go in public with dirty hands.nails.faces.clothes
and has no shame

...who takes her camera everywhere
and will make a spectacle getting just the right shot

...who finds 38 minutes, young and the restless,
melted chocolate & peanut butter with bananas,
pure peaceful and relaxing bliss

...who will stay in her pj's all day
but will put dresses, hair flowers & jewelry on the girls

...who has a slight obsession with palazzo pants
and gumball jewelry

...who blogs way too late into the night
because I try not to blog when the kids are awake

I am that mom

are you that mom?

inspired by Susie

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