here is goes

all these thoughts
...they have to go somewhere
and this blog is my journal

I could just write it on a piece of paper
...but sharing it with you
it's real
and that means more

my world has changed because of you
...the blessings you have given our family
...will never be forgotten
thank you!

my in-box is swelling
...with work, love, friendship
and some gosh darn serious stuff

I had not seen my mom for 5 months
she was here last week
and now I miss her more than the day we left our home

things have become
even more
confusing, here on the farm
...with Grandpa & Grandma

the girls still aren't sleeping well
...well is a nice word
they're sleeping bad in waking 2-3-4 times a night
ideas anyone?

I want a place to call home bad it hurts
a place that is without judgement & unspoken rules

it is really weighing on me
...that I haven't posted the girls one year post
...or 13 or 14 months
wishing for time to get this done

I have business idea share with you
very soon!
It will most likely be written in the wee hours of the night morning

there are so many more thoughts
swirling around in my head
but they'll have to wait for another quiet moment in time

thanks for listening
my dear friends

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